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How to set up an appointment with me

One of the common questions asked is how do I book an appointment with you? The answer is very easily! I’ve created this step by step guide to help walk you through the process.


1. Select a Day and Time for us to meet

We will start our time together off at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, where I’ll be able to give you a tour of the facilities. We can absolutely travel together outside of the ranch on an Outdate, but we must first go over the details at the ranch. You can always check my calendar to see my current availability. I only see one guest each day, so planning in advance is a great idea!     

2. Contact Me personally

My personal email address is [email protected], which I check several times a day. Do keep in mind that it can take up to 48 hours for a response, so please be patient :). In this email, be sure to include the day and time of when you’d like to visit, as well as any special requests that you have (Costumes, a special snack, etc).   

3. Call the Sagebrush Office

the phone number for the Bunny Ranch is 775.246.9901– the ranch is open and can be called 24/7, 365 days a year. when you call, let the cashier know you’re setting up an appointment with me, Alice Little. You’ll provide the cashier with the day and time you’d like to meet. Additionally, the cashier is able to take a deposit over the phone. Most of my guests choose to leave 10% of their expected budget. Due to how Nevada law is written, we cannot discuss rates online, and must go over the details together in person at the ranch. Billing is very discrete, and your deposit amount goes towards our time together.    

4. Plan our Party!

I encourage you to schedule our time together in advance. We can discuss activities you’d like to do, mutual hobbies and interests, and get to know each other. This way, by the time you arrive in person at the Bunny Ranch, it will be as if we are old friends!  

 5. It’s party time

It’s finally the day of our appointment together- I’m just as excited as you are! While never required or expected, gifts are always appreciated and a great way to break the ice. I enjoy Starbucks Gift cards, Tandy Leather gift cards (I do a lot of crafting!), and you can always find additional items on my Amazon Wish List. Now that we’re together, it’s time to make magic happen!


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