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Backpage was closed due to multiple issues. Illegal sex offerings were bad for both clients, and the ladies. Many ladies were exploited, and men found the experience to be sub par. Not only was backpage illegal, it was dangerous! Furthermore seeking the services of a backpage lady could lead to an STD.

I’m a legal sex worker at a Nevada brothel. This means that your time with me is safe, legal, and fun! My clients have found they much prefer legal sex over illegal sex. Backpage had many problems that do not exist at the brothel. Because backpage was around for so long, many women were sex trafficked into the industry. When you see a legal sex worker, you help prevent sex trafficking too! You help make a difference.

Whats wrong with Backpage

People using illegal websites to advertise sex work put themselves at risk, or could have been potential risks themselves. If they’re working from the street, or their home, they don’t have the security of the ranches if a client is violent. Backpage was free and unregulated, so anyone could use it. You can imagine how dangerous it was! Sex workers often faced dangerous situations because of this.

Why Legal Sex

There is no need to use  illegal services anyway when you have the Bunny Ranch brothels available. Clients who visit the ranches report being happier with their overall experience. You have the option to come in and meet the ladies first hand! You never know who you’ll meet.

Why take risk? Legal sex is the way to our. My clients who have previously used illegal escorts for sex have found that legal sex is the way to go.  At the brothel you have a wide variety of ladies. From Petite to Tall, Curvy to Thin, we have it all.  I pride myself on the care and attention I give to my clients. Be sure to read my reviews for proof of this! Try legal sex today- contact me now to set up an appointment!


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