Being a Bisexual Sex Worker: Whats it really like?

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Your partner looks to you for silent consent before closing her eyes and letting herself enjoy a series of more and more passionate kisses as you see my hands roam up and down her body and her hands, shaking with anticipation, begin to explore mine. You have spent days talking about what this would be like, and it didn’t prepare her for how soft the lips of another woman would really be, but you know it’s all she could think about while the three of us had dinner at the resort. Now, she can’t help but draw ragged breaths as I tease her out of her clothes and make eye contact with you. Are you going to help me out of this dress, or just watch?

So what is it like being a bisexual sex worker? For starters, I have the hottest threesomes. From couples that choose to spend their time with me, to threesomes involving my beautiful co-workers, I thoroughly enjoy getting to have group sex. There’s nothing like getting to ride a man while my playmate sits on his face, and the two of us get to focus on making out. Pretty steamy, if you ask me. Being bisexual, I don’t have to play a role in the bedroom to enjoy another woman’s body; I’m enjoying every minute of the encounter, just the same as you! I also find that being bisexual gives me a huge advantage with couples, as I know what pleases both sexes. I’m able to give you both mind blowing orgasms, often at the same time!


Being bisexual means that my services aren’t limited to just men and couples, but single ladies as well. Many females are curious about same-sex encounters, but have never had the chance or the temerity to explore another woman’s body. That’s where I come in; we get to play with a variety of toys, sensations, and of course each other! I love how soft female lips are- there’s a certain sensual energy to same-sex encounters that I really enjoy and appreciate.

​When planning out threesomes, I already have a list of ladies that are also bisexual and eager to play with us both! I’m able to communicate which lady would be the perfect fit for your group sex fantasy, and make things happen seamlessly. Threesomes are incredibly fun, but can take some maneuvering to figure out. I’ve already figured out the mechanics, so we can leap right into the fun! Watching myself and another lady kiss, touch, and make love to each other is a fantasy I get to enjoy making a reality! Why not celebrate Pride Month with a threesome, same sex encounter, or couples adventure? It’s an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget! I am uniquely qualified to help make your fantasy into reality. Single women are always welcome here, as are couples.


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