Why I Chose Sex Work

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Why I Chose Sex Work

The most commonly asked question is, “Why did I choose Sex Work?”.  Of all the possible career options, how in the world did a college-educated young woman end up at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch? Some are shocked, others surprised, and some simply interested in how I ended up here in the first place. Rather then answer that question, instead I’d like to tell you about why I feel sex work chose me!

Growing up, I always had a natural affinity for those around me. I was best described as a sweet, social girl who was always interested in getting to know more about the world around me. Without a doubt I drove my family crazy by asking dozens of questions. As I matured, so too did the types of questions I asked. Naturally I was drawn to humanism, and interpersonal connection.

Relationships were a fascination for me- and not just between couples. I was curious about how professionals interacted with their clients, how doctors treated their patients, how teachers and students interacted in the classroom, etc. Slowly, I began to formulate my own opinions about relationships and what makes for a successful relationship. The key to sucess for me was communication. Far too often in todays society, we only half communicate. We’re a distracted generation on our cell phones, computers, busy watching a sports game, or listening to music. We shift our focus away from the people around us, when we need to be paying more attention now than ever.

Now that I figured out what kind of relationships I wanted to form with others- I had to ask myself how I would go about doing that. I’ve worked many odd jobs over the years, with the majority of them having an emphasis on human connectivity. From being an EMT to a Massage Therapist, I struggled to find a job that was truly the perfect fit. I wanted something different from my career- I wanted it to have meaning and value, and bring me joy. Growing up, I had watched the Cathouse series on HBO. I always admired the strong, sexually confident women showcased and secretly desired to emulate them. Finally, one day after a friend’s suggestion, I did it. I reached out to Dennis and Suzette about coming to the ranches- and they said yes!

I initially thought to spend just two weeks out at the ranches to see if the job agreed with me- it’s two years later, and I’m still here! It felt like my calling had been fulfilled. I finally had a deep, meaningful way to impact those around with me, and share that deep personal intimacy i’ve always treasured. Sex work has absolutely changed my life for the better! I’ve gotten to meet the most incredible human beings, connect with people from around the world, and build long lasting friendships and connections with my clients. Sex work truly was one of the best things to ever come into my life.


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