Who’s the new girl in town? That’s right; it’s me. If you haven’t already heard the news, here it is: I’m moving, and not just to a new neighborhood. I’m no longer with my old brothel. Now, you can find me at The Chicken Ranch, just outside of Las Vegas. Even better news? They open May 1st, which is right around the corner. And the cherry on top is that I’m fully vaccinated, so you can feel safe booking an encounter with me. I’m so excited to get to know everyone that I thought I’d get the ball rolling by helping you all get to know me.


Fun Facts About Me

On a non-career related note, I love animals. I have many pets that I love to spoil and who often make cameos on my YouTube channel, Coffee With Alice.

And, I should mention that I love coffee. Like, a lot. I like coffee so much that I drink it with my followers on the Coffee With Alice show each week. So, if you want to drink coffee and talk about sex, you’re in the right place.

I’m also notably short: I’m just 4’8’’. Some of my hobbies include board games, reading, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and just about anything to do with the theater. I like to try new things and meet new people, which is why sex work has been such a perfect fit for me. So, if you have a favorite hobby you’d like to try with me, email me and let me know what it is! I love responding to the emails I receive.


A Little More About Alice Little

If you’re new to my content, I’m a legal sex worker who loves to spread sex education and help people increase the amount of pleasure in their sex lives. I got involved in sex work because it’s my passion. Connection, communication, and intimacy are what I thrive on and what make my career so meaningful.


I have some specialties that I love to focus on within the realm of sex work and education. Kink and BDSM are some of my favorite activities to engage in with clients. In fact, I used to tour nationally as a BDSM presenter before I started work in Nevada. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, I like to create a kinky, seductive scene that helps turn your fantasies into reality.


Next, I’m a skilled massage therapist, meaning you can book time with me for an erotic massage. I love to help people relax and sink deeply into their bodies. Erotic massages are good for your mental and physical health. And, as a trained massage therapist, I can give you tips for giving erotic massages to your future romantic partners.


Pegging is another encounter that I’m a big fan of. The P-spot is a very under-explored yet explosive area of pleasure for men. For those who are nervous about trying out anal stimulation, I like to be the gentle guide to help open up a new path to sexual delight. It’s a fun experience that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.


I love to work with couples. Spending time with me for safe, hands-on education that will give you tips for lifelong sexual satisfaction is such a great way to invest in your future. I can help get you started in kink, roleplay, dirty talk, managing erectile dysfunction, amping up your foreplay game, and much more. Many couples find it to be a very bonding experience. I also love to work with single people who want to lose their virginity or build up their sexual confidence.


Let’s Plan a Date

The Chicken Ranch will open before we know it. So, if you want to book some time with me, we can spend the lead-up time getting to know each other one on one. Email me at: [email protected], and let me know what kind of date you’d like to have. I’d love to have an overnight date, outdate, or any other type of date you can dream up. But I think we’ll both get the most out of our time together if we have time to spend flirting, sending each other texts, and building up the anticipation before our date happens. Creating a connection and cultivating romance are some of my favorite parts of the job. And the sooner you email me to book a session, the sooner we can get started. Don’t be shy!

If you’re not ready for a date but you want some more educational content, go to my Patreon website, which houses my most up-to-date content. When you become a member, you get special perks! Or, if you can’t make it to Nevada quite yet, check out my OnlyFans for some more adult-oriented content. It’s the next best thing to being here. But, as we all learned in isolation this year, nothing beats face-to-face connection. So, plan a visit with me soon!