More than Milk & Cookies: How to book a party as a gift

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The holidays are here! The snow is falling, holiday lights re-emerge, and with it comes the pressures of finding the perfect present. Giving something special to your loved one is no easy task- many women I know say that shopping for their spouse is the hardest part of the holidays. It can be so difficult to buy that perfectly thoughtful present. With clothing, fit is always a concern. Forget electronics- you’ll spend half of Christmas Day assembling the thing and figuring out how it works. So what should you do for a gift? If you’re still searching for that perfect present, let me be of some assistance! It would be my pleasure to help you surprise your special someone with a visit to the Bunny Ranch!

There are two different ways of going about this special sort of present:

-If you’re keeping the present a surprise, you can leave 10% of your expected budget as a deposit to reserve my day. If for some reason the gift is unwelcome, the only thing you risk is that tiny deposit. When the date arrives, the gift recipient can then discuss their interests & desires! You’d then call in the remaining balance that same day. Some couples choose to travel with their partner and negotiate on their behalf. Others care to join the partner and make the gift a threesome’s experience! Let me know what you have in mind, and I’ll arrange the perfect surprise gift just for you! Want to watch? You can even request pictures or video as part of the experience. You can join us virtually on Skype as well if you’re unable to attend in person!

-If you’re sharing this gift knowingly, you can simply put down the full amount on your deposit, and the gift recipient can negotiate Activities & time when they arrive!

So what’s the advantage of booking someone a party as a present? To begin with, you’re giving the gift of an experience. Material possessions are common, and often end up going unused. With this type of present you know for a fact that not only will they use the gift, they’ll enjoy it too! I always offer extra time and special upgraded activities to those who are coming in as part of a gift package- it’s my way of adding to the gift to make the season merrier & brighter! They’ve certainly never gotten a gift this unique before.

How can this gift be used? Your gift credit can be applied to any sort of experience. GFE, Outdate, Overnight, or you could even use it to cross a bucket-list item off your list! Wouldn’t Tiara and I look oh so pretty underneath the Christmas tree? Threesome for the Holidays! The total gift balance must be used for our adventure- I’m sure we can think of plenty of fun ways to take full advantage of the time together!

Regardless of which holiday you choose to celebrate, booking a trip to the Bunny Ranch makes for a magical present! To go about booking a party as a present, just e-mail me at [email protected] and I’ll go over all the details with you. I’m excited to share the holiday cheer with you!


  1. Dannny

    I think you and Tiara are the most beautiful women in the world. Great blog, wonderful pictures, and charming women!

  2. Fredrick

    I love how you’ve set up an easy way for a person to get exactly what they want for a present. Very well written Alice Little. I appreciate your blog, please keep it up!

  3. Thomas Brown

    I never thought about doing this as a gift. That is an amazing and fun idea there, thank you blogging about it. Can’t wait to read more!

  4. Ralphie

    I had the pleasure of meeting you this Holiday season there Alice. After reading some of your blogs, and catching your twitter from time to time. I finally went to meet you. It’s amazing how much of your self translates to your writing. You are a great writer and amazing to meet in person.


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