All Natural Beauty in a Plastic Society

​​In today’s society, there has been a movement towards less than natural beauty. Our magazine covers feature heavily photo shopped women who have been digitally enhanced to fit the modern notion of perfection. Implants, Botox, hair extensions, and even eyelash extensions are now the new norm! To me, such enhancements serve a visual appeal, but not so much a sexual appeal. I’ve always found myself most attracted to natural beauty, with all of its nature-intended flaws. If anything, I’ve found that embracing my natural beauty has allowed me to connect more with my Clients. GFE with me is particularly lovely, as it is a way to embrace who we are.

Growing up, I was always told that you are most beautiful when you feel beautiful in your own skin. I never really had that moment of anagnorisis in which I felt my natural looks weren’t ‘enough’. Unfortunately, many little girls grow up without such a positive mantra, and instead believe that their unedited form isn’t ‘enough’. As adults, they seek out plastic surgery enhancements in hopes it will better boost their self esteem. Every so often, someone will ask ‘why not get implants?’ or ‘why not tan for the summer?’. The reason is simple- I’m happy how I am.

Natural beauty is so much more to me than just the act of abstaining from plastic surgery; it’s an attitude. It’s being genuinely pleased with your god-given features, from the lines that crease when I smile to the fact I’m just 4’8″ tall. That gift of self acceptance is truly invaluable, and one I wish more ladies would embrace.

My Viewpoint

​As humans, we are all unique. From our favored features to our wrinkles and scars, I’m of the opinion we should embrace those natural differences, and celebrate them! We shouldn’t have to accept what the media tells us is beautiful, and instead embrace what makes us real. We treat ‘smile lines’ as if they were a curse, rather than a celebration of a happy life lived. Why should we seek to erase evidence of happiness from our faces? I’m all-natural: from my porcelain pale skin, to the scar on my knee from horseback riding. My smile lines define me; you can see genuine joy in the way my eyes crinkle when I grin. Every freckle, every wrinkle, and every imperfection is me. I seek to share all of my genuine self with you, and hope that you feel comfortable sharing of yourself with me.