The Perfect Petite Escort

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Have you been looking for a petite escort? Standing at just 4’8″ tall, I certainly fit the bill! My tiny, elfin features compliment my perfectly proportioned frame. With my small stature and flexibility, we can experience some incredible sex positions simply not possible with a taller woman. So, what are the advantages to being with a petite woman? Here’s my personal top three reasons to see a petite escort:

petite escort petite sex worker
1. Tiny is Tight

My little, tight body is perfectly designed to be a sex machine. I’m very energetic, and can keep up with you for hours! Many of my guests joke that because I’m so petite it doesn’t take as much energy for me keep on going!

petite escort petite sex worker
2. Standing Sex

Want to pick me up and put me against a wall? Let’s do it! I weigh a mere 80 lbs, so I’m the ideal partner for exotic sex positions. We can have sex standing up, sex in the shower, your imagination is the limit!

petite escort petite sex worker
3. Flexibility

Compliments of my short stature and yoga routine, I’m not just petite- I’m also flexible too! Sex with me will be the best sex of your life- deeper penetration, incredible pleasure, and an entire world of twisty, bendy sex positions come together in one perfect little package.

Good things come in little packages- that’s not an understatement! This tiny redhead packs quite a powerful petite package. Let’s see how we measure up together!


  1. Louis Valise

    I came across you on Twitter Alice Little. And I have to say, it’s been great! Wonderful blog to read here. I think you make some great points about how petite you are. I still find it hard to believe you are just 4’8″. Hope to one day get to meet you Alice Little!

  2. Big Jim

    Hell yeah to having sex with petite women!

    I’m 6’5″ tall and around 275 pounds, and after losing my virginity to a very slender woman who was a towering 5’2″ tall, my first serious long term girlfriend was 4’9″ tall.

    In some ways, sex with her was the best sex of my life, and even decades later (I’m in my fifties), she is my point of reference for how a woman’s body should look and feel. I enjoy women of all shapes and sizes, (some over 6′ tall, some over 300 pounds), but there is still something special about her.

    To your three excellent points, I’d like to add a few more:

    1. Power & trust
    Even the most gentle vanilla sex involves an exchange of power and trust. When you penetrate a woman, she is literally opening her body to you. When you penetrate a tiny woman, gradually, bit by bit, the feeling of power, and her need to trust her partner, are that much more intense.
    Likewise, I enjoy giving my power to my partner by laying at her feet and nibbling her toes, or by kissing and licking her derriere. A large man surrendering power to a tiny woman adds a new dimension.

    2. Tenderness
    Cuddling after sex can be one of the best parts. Somehow a tiny woman creates in me a special feeling of tenderness and protectiveness that makes cuddling even better. Almost all of my sexual partners have said “I feel very safe with you”, so perhaps having large partner adds something to their experience.

    3. Playfulness & silliness
    The difference in size between a large man and a tiny woman just creates all kinds of fun and funny situations. She would give me blowjobs while we were both standing up, although I was on standing on tippy toes. We used to enjoy walking through town holding hands, and registering all the double takes, curious stares from the people around us. We knew they were picturing us in bed. It was funny and hot at the same time.

    All that said, sex can be wonderful with a partner of any size or weight. Sex is good, not because of how large or small a person is, but because of the connection people can make by accepting themselves and freely exploring and sharing each other’s body.

  3. jamison K.

    being a taller guy myself- i think it would be really fun to pick you up during sex!

  4. John

    Thank you for your writing Alice, very interesting and educational. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  5. Sammy

    You defintly are. So warm friendly and inviting.

  6. Chad

    I am so happy that you found me on Twitter. I love your articles and tips.

  7. D

    You stole my mind, healed my heart, and swept me off my feet like I could have never imagined in a million lifetimes. The permanent smile I will forever wear is because of one moment I got to spend with this woman, and I plan on returning as soon as I can.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜

  8. Tony

    I definitely look forward to a weekend with you. You being 4’8″ and eighty pounds is great you’re my dream girl. Hope to see you soon.

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