Redhead Ladies do it better in bed

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Redhead Ladies do it better in bed

Men claim that Redheads are better- but did you know there is actually proof to this statement? Redheads, such as myself have special MC1R genes, which cause the red hair. These genes are responsible for other characteristics that make redheads better at sex- though the only way to really know for sure is to come schedule a visit with me yourself! I have gathered several facts supporting my claim. You’ll have to let me know what you think!

1. Redhead women are Not Common

The MC1R genes are not very common and change the makeup of that person. This gene was not found until 2000. The mutated gene only manifests in around 1 to 2 percent of the human population. This makes redheads very special since there are only around 2 million people globally that are natural redheads. With me, you’re not just getting a natural redhead, but an Irish lass as well! My clients appreciate my rarity, and treasure it. My red hair certainly is the pride of Ireland!

2. Redhead ladies have a Good Reputation in Eroticism

Redheads have a stereotype of being hot-tempered, passionate, and determined. There are theorists who believe the cause of their inner spark comes from being sensitive to pain and other stimuli. Us redheads have a reputation for being opinionated and passionate that really make for incredible, mind blowing sexual encounters. I won’t hesitate to let you know what makes me feel good, and also inquire as to what sets your body aflame.  There is also research that supports why redheads are seen as sexy. Red has a long history of being known as the color of love, passion, and arousal! My clients have told me red is their favorite color on me. What is your favorite color on me?

3. We have More Sex

We all know the stereotype that redheads are lusty, turns out that is not too far from the truth. Researchers at the University of Hamburg  proved this to be true.
The researchers found that redheads no matter if they were single or in a committed relationship, participated in more sexual activities than any other group of women. If that was not enough, redheads had the highest orgasm rate of all hair colors with 41 percent! I know that statistic certainly applies to me! My guests have told me it is easy to make me orgasm.

4. Special Pheromone

All women has their own special pheromones. However, redheads have a very special type of pheromone. Our pheromones have a musky and sweet scent. Most of the time the scent of these pheromones drives people crazy with desire. These pheromones are what causes that huge divide in people’s opinion and the question of are redheads sexy? There are whole online forums about these topics and many people claim that redheads do smell sexy in the right ways. I often ask my clients if they think this is true- and they do! You’ll have to find out for yourself, and let me know your thoughts. I believe my redhead genetics give me an extra sexy edge.

5. Redheads are More Sensitive Physically

The MC1R genes that cause red hair also cause the body to react differently to stimuli than those who have other colors of hair. Redheads feel the change in temperature faster and respond to pain differently than others. My increased sensitivity translates into exciting play with sex toys. With this heightened sensitivity, redheads can have more orgasms during sex. My clients have found this to be true! I hope you’ll come find out for yourself, don’t take my word for it!

In conclusion

Redheads can be very passionate lovers. Natural redheads have the advantage when it comes to having sex, as the same genes that cause the beautiful red hair, also cause other changes in the body. Many scientists are still trying to find out why redheads are naturally better at having sex. I invite you to do your own research. Many who have visited me have claimed it was the best sex of their life. Redhead sex may be the answer to the best sex ever! We deserve to have incredible sex. My goal is to make that happen. Contact me today to discover what makes redhead sex the best.


  1. Dwayne

    I enjoyed this blog being a red headed male I don’t know if this goes for males as well. I don’t know how you were treated growing up but for me my hair color had me getting teased and made fun of and treated different. And having an Irish temper did make thing easy for me . So for the longest time I hated the color of my hair. This is my opinion but a woman with red hair guys flock to but for me having red hair hasn’t help me with the ladies. Heck I’ve never had a woman say to me that I’m good looking and I’m 41. But I do enjoy your writing and your positive attitude toward life

  2. Terry Weeks

    Hello Alice,

    Wow, you are GORGEOUS! Love that red hair and your amazing body, but you SMILE is your greatest feature.
    To be honest I have never had the opportunity to be with a REDHEAD! Have always heard they do it better, maybe I should schedule a trip to see you and find out for sure if it is true.

  3. IronButt

    I’ve had a thing for redheads since puberty; I blame Ginger on Gilligan’s Island, even though I’ve been a Mary Ann guy from the start. My first serious girlfriend was a real ginger, freckles and all. Both wives also redheads.
    Alice just stoked that fire. She’s a firecracker, with boundless energy. Thinking about her eyes and smile (and other things) can put a smile on my face, no matter what else is going on in my life.
    Go visit her if you possibly can.


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