Only 1-2% of the world’s population has red hair. There’s a reason; we’re lucky! Redheads have been the subject of superstition and myth for thousands of years. The Ancient Greeks even believed that redheads would turn into the undead after they died! There may or may not be anything behind the stories that red-haired women can bring you luck, but when you’re at the casino, you can use all the help you can get! There’s nothing like having a sexy fire-headed woman to blow on your dice at the craps table.

Real gamblers know that, in the long run, percentages balance out and you end up in the middle of the bell curve. What makes gambling interesting is that in the process of getting to the middle of that bell curve, wins and losses can happen in runs. That’s where your sexy neighborhood redhead comes in! Having a girl like me on your arm will make you feel like the luckiest man in the house, and I’m even small enough at four foot eight to fit in your lap and put my arms around you while you play at a table or machine. You may not win a million dollars, but you’ll feel like a million dollars.

The real fun begins when we go back to your hotel room to either celebrate your win or make you feel like you got your money’s worth for the night! There’s nothing like making love on a bed of ten or twenty thousand dollars I’ve helped you win. You might even be tempted to keep me around for a few more nights with your winnings to see how much of the bell curve you want to keep your hands on for the weekend.

Remember that ranch ladies are available for Vegas outdates. If we’re going to go gambling, let’s go gambling in style! I’m familiar with some of the best sights and gambling spots in Vegas. Let me take you on a tour or show me our own little secret gambling hideaway. Seeing shows and attending local events is a great way to blow off steam between gambling sessions, and that along with our time together will make the trip worthwhile, even if you break even!

In the end, no one can guarantee good fortune when you go gambling, but I can personally guarantee that on a date with this particular redhead, you’re guaranteed to get lucky!

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