Roleplay Parties: An In-Depth Guide

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Roleplay Parties- an in depth guide

Roleplay Encounters

are some of my favorites! I have a wide variety of costumes- from Sexy Nurse to School Girl outfits. People often ask how they can create such an experience, so i’ve established this step by step guide on how to plan the perfect Roleplay Party with me!

Step #1: Establish the Scenario

This is where you decide if there is a specific costume (Doctor, Dominatrix, Cat Girl, Princess) that you’d like me to wear, and what kind of role you’d like me to fulfill. For example- “I’d like you to be a sexy school girl, and tease and tantalize me, who will be the teacher”. This helps me figure out where we want things to go, and also lets me pick out the perfect outfit to wear for you! I always take extra time getting ready for roleplay parties, and making sure that I have all the tools that we will need for our time together.

Step #2: What Happens Next?

Now that we have defined our roles and picked out costumes, we need to decide where we want the encounter do go. Do you want to end up on the bed, or would you prefer me to have a chair handy, so that you can bend me over your lap? Do you want to be standing with me kneeling in front of you, or would you like to pick me up and carry me to the bed princess style? All of these little details help add to our experience, and let’s us get further into the scene we are creating.

Step #3: Accessorize!

Many Roleplay Scenarios are greatly enhanced by the addition of props- This can be rulers for the school teacher, Stuffed animals for the Princess Bed, A whip for Cat Woman, ETC. Let your imagination go wild! I always suggest you picture the scene in your head, then fill that picture in with the various items. This way, i can create our space to perfectly match the picture in your head!

Roleplay Parties are such a great experience, with each encounter being unique and special! Contact Me today to start planning out our Roleplay adventure, and let me know what ideas you have for the two of us.


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