Sagebrush Ranch Starlet of the Year

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Sagebrush Ranch Starlet of the Year

First of all, I began my career at Sagebrush in November 2015. As a new lady, i was nervous, perhaps a bit shy, but still very eager to learn more about the brothel. Sagebrush Ranch really is like a family- us ladies get along very well, and enjoy spending time together. Rather than fighting, we get along great! The Ladies at the ranch are the best. We truly get along. Sagebrush Ranch is my home away from home because of them. Roxy Gold was my big sister when I first started. I really want to thank her for all of her time, effort, and energy. Roxy truly made me feel at home. Another person I want to thank is Kim, the head cashier at Sagebrush Ranch. Because of her support, I was able to reach my full potential.

Winter 2016 at Sagebrush Ranch

The beginning of 2016 was incredible- I had just had my first overnight encounter, and was loving life at Sagebrush. I decided to make the transition to being a local lady- so I packed my things, and moved out to Carson City. Now I live just 10 minutes from Sagebrush Ranch, and am loving being a local! The next several months had me purchasing a new car, adopting a dog, and moving into a larger room here at Sagebrush. I almost can’t remember everything that happened, because the winter was so special!

Spring 2016

Finally spring came, bringing with it gloriously beautiful weather, along with my first trip to Vegas! Vegas really is incredible and indescribable- having never visited there before, I was enamored with the lights, the sounds, and all of the exciting things to do. The shows were definitely my favorite- i’ve always loved Cirque Du Soleil, so it was a special treat getting to see several of them in person!

Summer 2016

The months turned warmer still, bringing with it my first Pool Party at the Bunny Ranch! A word of advice- make sure to wear lots of sunscreen if you’re as pale as I am! I quickly took on a light summer tan, and discovered just how great the water in Lake Tahoe feels on a hot summers day! I loved getting to enjoy the Dancing Dixie Dinner Cruise, and seeing the sun set up in Virginia City.  My clients treated me to everything from Thai food to Seafood! The food was so incredible!

Fall 2016

Fall came, and with it the Camel Races in Virginia City- plus halloween! Dennis’s birthday was amazing! I love the fall here. The leaves changed color, and I acquired a new family member- a sweet pony by the name of Merlin. He lives just up the road over at the Bunny Ranch, so I get to see him every day.

Starlet of the Year at Sagebrush Ranch

It’s January now at Sagebrush Ranch. I am the Starlet of the year, and the top earner for the company. Words can’t even describe how i feel- humbled, amazed, astounded…a hundred different thoughts! Thank you to the ladies at Sagebrush. They inspired me and helped me set and achieve goals beyond what anyone believed to be possible. Dennis and Suzette, I appreciate you both so much because you believed in me! Most of all I want to thank my clients, without you this wouldn’t have been possible. Due to you, I was able to become the Starlet of the Year.

Thank you to those who have supported me! Without you, none of this would be possible. You are what made my year incredible. 2017 is going to be the best year yet! I cannot wait to meet new people, and make new friends.


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