From Sagebrush Starlet to Bouncing Bunny

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From Sagebrush Starlet to Bouncing Bunny: Why I Made the Hop

Just recently I transitioned from Sagebrush Ranch across the street to our sister facility, The Moonlite Bunny Ranch. This may come as a surprise to some of you, I’ve been at the Sagebrush for a year and a half, and very much so made myself at home there. From being Starlet of the Year, to moving into my new suite, Sagebrush will always have a special place in my heart. At the same time, life is all about change and moving forward. I decided to make the leap and venture to a new ranch to seek the additional opportunities that Bunny may offer me; new ladies to work with, different amenities to enjoy, and I also get to be closer to my pony, Merlin!


The adjustment has been interesting. Each house is truly unique, and as such has its own energy. Sagebrush has this comfortable, living room feel. It’s low lit, with multiple couches and sitting areas. Compared, the Bunny Ranch parlor is opulent, filled with marble and photos of the various ladies who have worked there. The energy is that of a luxurious night club, decadent, exciting, and sensual. This isn’t to say that one place is better than another; if anything, the opposite is true; all the locations are considered to be a part of America’s Red Light District, all owned by Dennis Hof. As such, each location is at the same level of quality.

A few clients have asked if the move will cause my rates to change, the answer to this is no, not at all. Each lady is a private contractor. That means that you’re negotiating with the lady for her time, and she sets her own rates. Where I work is irrelevant to my value; I’m still the same Alice, regardless if I am at Bunny Ranch or Sagebrush Ranch. The experience I provide is equally wonderful regardless of where we spend our time together! I encourage my clients to visit all the ranches and explore the vast variety that the Red Light District has to offer.

Did you know that we are able to pick ladies from any of our locations to join us in a party? Cross-house parties are a lot of fun! You can select a lady from Sagebrush, Love Ranch, or Kit Kat to join us during our time together. We can spend our time at either location, or instead venture back to your hotel room. A fun idea to get to know the various ladies is to join me on a brothel crawl! A brothel crawl is where we travel from ranch to ranch, getting to know the ladies along the way. We do these several times a year, Dennis’s birthday, Halloween, and St. Patrick’s day to name a few. Definitely consider being my date for the next crawl and have that experience for yourself!

Bunny Hop


  1. Scottie March Hare

    Alice I must complement you on your writing skills. You have provided here a very accurate and detailed description of the Mound House brothels. This blog is particularly informative of Sagebrush Ranch and Moonlight Bunny Ranch very much revealing to the characteristics of each. These places are all very unique and compatible and all less than a mile and half away from each other which provides great convenience for cross house parties and brothel crawls. I am sure I will be spending some future time with you at these places if the river does not rise and the bridge does not break. Hey! That is actually what was going on in February when I first came to Sagebrush Ranch. I just barley slipped into Nevada from California before 395 closed because of the rising river but I still made it to Sagebrush then! So I hope this trend continues to be true. You have also addressed pretty much the questions as to why the change from Sagebrush Ranch to Moonlight Bunny Ranch. Once again I find it difficult to end a communication with you Alice so I may have to leave another comment at a future time! Thank you Alice for being such a thoughtful and highly skilled courtesan!

  2. Dwayne

    I’m happy to see that you will be at the Bunny Ranch I know you will miss your friend at Sagebrush. From getting to know you. You are going to be a great addition to the Bunny Ranch and work with so many great ladies. Now it easier for me to schedule a party with my two favorite Bunny. Can’t wait to see you and Hollywood again

  3. Peter

    Thanks for letting us know you’ve relocated! It would be very nice to meet you and develop a friendship with you, if you want one. My heartfelt belief is that it is so important to become friends with a woman before you make love with her, that it enhances the experience greatly and makes communication so much easier.

  4. Lawrence

    Happy to hear you have moved Alice!

    I haven’t been to that many of the ranches. It is good to know each one has it’s own “Vibe” though. Even better though now, knowing I can see ladies from different ranches together.

  5. LuckiestManAlive

    Happy to hear about the move Alice. I’ve visited a couple of the ranches from Las Vegas to Carson in NV. And the Bunny Ranch is my favorite, for just the way you described it. It is very decadent, luxurious, and wonderful! My wife and I both wish you the best! Can’t wait for our trip back this December.


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