Now that it’s 2021, it’s time for good news. As the pandemic numbers start to drop and people receive their vaccinations, some legal brothels in Nevada have a reopening date. It has been a challenge for the brothels to reopen during the pandemic, due in part to Governor Sisolak’s arbitrary and ineffective reopening plan. But the reopening date is official, so mark your calendars for May 1! Bonus: I’m fully vaccinated against COVID-19, which will make our future encounters as safe as possible.

More good news: you get to explore a brand new ranch with me. That’s right—I’ve left my old brothel and am now at The Chicken Ranch! The Chicken Ranch is located conveniently right outside of Las Vegas. So, if you are coming in from out of state, flights will be easy to find. I’m so excited to get to see you all again. But first, let’s go over some details so that you and I get the most out of our time together.

Travel guide Alice Little


Coming to See Me

If you’ve come to visit me before, make sure you update my contact information so that you get to the correct address. No longer am I near Reno, but I’ll be in Pahrump, which is about an hour’s drive west from Las Vegas. There’s even free transportation; just call 1-877-585-2397.

The best part is that we have a whole new area to explore together, and you better believe I’ve got lots of fun date ideas for our next experience. With casinos only eight miles away, and VIP bungalows complete with hot tubs, you can bet we’re going to have a great time. There’s a bar on the premises, too, in case you’re in the mood for a cocktail before we meet. Plus, there are many new ladies for us to get together with if a threesome has been on your mind lately. We all just survived an isolating, harrowing pandemic. So, my best advice is: if you can have a threesome, you should have a threesome.


Getting Ready for Our Date

Making an appointment is still the best way to book time with me. I always respond to those who reach out to me at [email protected]. And once you’ve booked my time, we can send flirty texts to each other in anticipation of our date. It’s an easy, low-stress way to start getting to know each other before we meet in person. We’ve all been in isolation way too long, so if you’re a little nervous about restarting your sex life, you’re not alone.

There may be some social distancing guidelines until the pandemic is in our past, but I will keep you apprised of any new regulations once our date is on the calendar.


What to Pack

I want our next date to go smoothly, so I have a few suggestions for what to bring. Toiletries like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and any of your favorite soaps or shampoos are a good idea. Grab some clean, comfy clothes, pajamas, and clothes for the next day if we have an overnight encounter together.

Extras can help make the night special, too. An unopened box of your favorite brand of condoms, an unopened sex toy, or new lingerie or other outfit you’d like me to wear would be so much fun. Text me before you buy anything, as I am quite short, so finding lingerie or role-play costumes in my size can be somewhat of a challenge—but I’m happy to help you sort that out.

If you’d like to watch porn together, bring your favorite film, and we’ll make it a movie night! A bottle of wine or some of your favorite coffee beans are also appreciated. You know how I love coffee.


Some Things Never Change

Travel guide Alice Little

Travel guide Alice Little

A big part of my work at The Chicken Ranch will be the same as it was at my old brothel. We’ll still have a negotiation before we begin our date, where we discuss what will happen and the price of your visit. I can take you on a tour of the grounds before we get started if you’d like. And I’m still just as passionate about connection, communication, and intimacy as I ever was—perhaps even more so since I’ve had to wait nearly an entire year to do what I love.

I’m excited to start reconnecting with everyone who has been isolated due to the pandemic and providing girlfriend experiences to those who are interested. I’d love to provide sex education for couples who want to amp up their sex life or introduce someone to the wonderful and wild world of BDSM. I haven’t changed—just my location. And I can’t wait to host you and have a romantic evening together.

The very best housewarming gift would be some time with you. So, email me at [email protected], and we can get started planning our time together.