The senses have always inspired the mind when it comes to sexual gratification. Sight is obvious- the allure of a woman’s curves, scantily clad in delicate lace lingerie; the scent of a lady’s perfume or shampoo can spark fond memories, and induce arousal. Touch is always appealing. However, the sense that inspires me most sexually is taste. Nature has given us the gift of pleasure in the form of foods with natural aphrodisiac qualities! Some are considered erotic for their appearance. The shape, texture, and color of the food we eat contribute to our enjoyment of the dish. As the old saying goes, we eat with our eyes! From sweet to salty, I’ve always had a sensitive palate and delighted in experiencing new flavors. As such, foods with aphrodisiac qualities became very appealing and interesting! Since discovering my interest in aphrodisiacs, I’ve made it a point to document which foods perform the best!

Trying aphrodisiacs for the first time? Here are my top 5 choices to bring on the pleasure:

From its taste to its aroma, chocolate is sensual all around! Its silk smooth texture when melted makes it perfect for bedroom play. Simply melt some chocolate, check the temperature, and go to town! Did you know that dark chocolate is a double aphrodisiac? Dark chocolate causes an increase of dopamine, which induce pleasurable feelings. We’ve known instinctually for centuries that chocolate makes us feel good- and now we have the science behind it too!

Surprised to see this one on the list? The caffeination in coffee is naturally stimulating… yes, that kind of stimulating. The birds and the bees have long been a sex metaphor, but what wasn’t hyperbole is the powerful effect coffee can have on the female libido! As a coffee drinker myself, I can personally say I’ve confirmed coffee as an aphrodisiac many times over. Taken dark or light- no matter your preference coffee is sure to leave its mark on your bedroom activities!

The most commonly known aphrodisiacs, oysters come with a rich history of being eaten for pleasurable purposes. High in both zinc and amino acids, oysters have been proven to contain some seriously sexy benefits. It’s important to note the shape of the oyster. Remind you of something? The erotic mimicry of the oyster to the female vulva hasn’t just been noticed in recent years. Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, a famed 18th century lover, was said to consume 50 oysters every morning! That’s a whole lot of oysters.

Chili Peppers
Want to bring some read hot action to the bedroom? Seek the chili pepper! With its hyper-saturation of brilliant red colors, the chili pepper has long been considered a symbol of love. When consumed, it increases your heart rate…having the same effect on you neurobiologically as a woman slowly removing her panties. Instant heartbeat increase. The spice dances across your tongue, like how a dancer may entice their partner into a tango.

You’ll notice just like the earlier mentioned chili, the strawberry too has brilliant red hues! Red has long been the color of love, passion, and romance. Foods with this color naturally have those properties, making them the perfect aphrodisiac! Strawberries are best as a bedroom finger food. Slowly take one fresh berry between your fingers, pressing it to your partner’s lips- holding it there while their tongue catches the berry juice before it runs off of your fingers. Tantalizing, erotic, and incredibly sexy!

Eaten alone or together, aphrodisiacs can create the most delicious sexual experience of your life! Consider preparing an aphrodisiac-focused meal for your partner, or bringing some select bites to the bedroom. Chocolate covered strawberries, Chili dark chocolate, even just a simple can of whipped cream can lead to a newfound adventure! Take a bite; try a taste- see what happens!

And of course, if you’re hungry for a taste test with me, you can contact me here!