Best Sex Positions

Sex is one of the most beautiful experiences for the human beings. While there are those who can go for longer sessions, some will only last for a few minutes, and they are done. When you discover the best sex positions, it makes it more fulfilling.

In order to enjoy sex, you need to be adventurous and set your mind to the action in advance. The only way that you and your partner can get multiple orgasms is when you know of the best sex positions!

Best Sex Position: Missionary

The missionary is one of the common methods that most couples use. However, you would need to explore different angles when using the missionary position. The man should enter the woman as she lies on her back, with legs apart. As soon as the man enters, the lady should close her legs, and the man should wrap his ankles around the lady’s calves. This is one of the best sex positions that will work for both parties.

Best Sex Positions: Modified Missionary

As the lady, lie on your back while your man kneels in front of you and allow him to hold you upwards. Place a pillow under your bum and back as this will allow greater contact with the lower part of the man’s body. As the rhythm picks up, you will experience better orgasms.

Best Sex Positions: Cowgirl

Let your man lie on his back and straddle him. Once you have settled in this position, you should lift yourself up and down, and you will experience mutual pleasure as this is among the best sex positions. You can change things up by trying different speeds and angles to enhance the encounter!

Best Sex Positions: Doggie Style

You should also try the rear entry, which can work wonders. As the lady, be on all your fours, and this will give a full and tight penetration. In most cases, he will be able to hit the g-spot, and you will enjoy the experience. Try using pillows to create a different sensation and depth of penetration. Another fun option is to have the man stand, while the woman positions herself close to the edge of the bed.

Best Sex Positions: Fusion

The fusion position is also among the best sex positions that you should try out. The man will sit with the legs stretched out, and you will lower yourself onto him, and then he will move in and out. This will be a satisfying experience for both of you.

Best Sex Positions: Deep Penetration

Finally, have your man lie on his back and then lower yourself onto him, with your back facing him. Lean forward, trying to hold his ankles and then move in an up and down motion to ultimate satisfaction. This is a fantastic position to end with, and feels great for both parties!

The lack of knowledge on the best sex positions seems to be a great hindrance. I hope this helps you to have the best sex of your life! Once you experiment the different positions and explore much more, you will realize that you are getting so much pleasure