Penis size is a constant topic for conversation. Is my penis too small? Is it too short, too chubby, or not straight enough? Is it normal? How does it compare to others? Being a legal sex worker at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch leaves me uniquely qualified to answer that question. Over the past two years of working at the Bunny Ranch, I can confidently say that penis size does not matter.

Did you know that for many women, there’s actually more of a problem with someone being too long rather than not long enough? The average vaginal depth is just 3-4 inches (though when aroused, can increase in depth by over 200%!). This means that the majority of men are closer to the perfect length! The secret is angle. You want to be at the correct angle during sex, so that you make contact with as many pleasure points as possible. You can make contact with both the clitoris and the g-spot at the same time to maximize pleasure for your partner.

The width, or diameter of the penis is also a measurement that men are concerned about. Am I going to be able to ‘fill’ my partner? Absolutely! Width is something that varies greatly from one penis to the next- so the first thing you should do is compare yourself to what ‘normal’ is. There’s no standard width, and there’s a variety of techniques you can use depending on your unique build. If you find that you’re of a girthier size, consider forward in-and-out movements, sinking deeply into your partner. Be sure to use adequate lube, and warm your partner up beforehand. If you’re of narrow build, consider circular motions to explore different pleasurable angles!

Straight vs. Curved
Penis angle is a very interesting subject! Some curve upwards, some to one side, while others are ram rod straight. Each has its own unique advantages as well as disadvantages, making no one angle better than others. If you find you naturally curve up or down, explore with positions like Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl. These controlled-angle positions with the woman on top allow her to situate herself so your natural curves give her maximum pleasure! If you’re perfectly straight, doggie style is going to be lots of fun. Experiment with standing at the edge of the bed and penetrating your partner while she lies on her back! You’ll both find the variety to be stimulating and pleasurable!
At the end of the day, there isn’t a perfect penis trophy. There isn’t an ideal standard you should feel like you have to measure up to. The way you are is perfect! If you’re determined to alter or change your penile dimensions, the safest method is by using a cock sheath. You can add inches, girth, texture, or a combination of all three. Don’t be afraid to break outside of your normal bedroom routine, and try something new!

I’m always here to assist as you explore – you can book an appointment with me here!