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Level Up Your Sex Life with Some Sensual Stretching

Flexibility is one of the cornerstones of good health, alongside strength and aerobic fitness. And if you regularly exercise, you are likely well-aware of all the benefits that come from stretching: stretching before exercise helps prevent injury, increases your safe range of motion, and can reduce recovery time after a particularly intense workout. The more flexible you are, the greater control you have over all of your movements, and this increased ability can improve sex for people of all genders.

Clients are often curious about the multitude of ways I get ready for a party at the ranch. One of the best and most underrated methods to prepare for a party is by doing a little sensual stretching. Not only does it help me prepare physically, but it can also function as a stress-reliever and a way to connect my mind to my body before a date. If you’ve ever been to a hot yoga session, you have probably experienced the limbering effects it has on your muscles and how it has a way of clearing your mind and helping you focus on whatever the task at hand may be. In this case, the task is sex, and signing up for a sensual stretching instruction experience with me is a fun, educational way to gear up for better orgasms.

What Is Sensual Stretching?

Sensual stretching is a series of stretches that you can practice routinely to help increase your flexibility for the express purpose of intensifying sexual pleasure. Even if you’d categorize yourself as a pretty athletic person, the muscles we use for sexual activity are often different than the muscles used for most gym-related endeavors. Together, we’ll hone in on what muscle groups need to be toned and stretched for a variety of sexual positions and activities, and then we’ll release tension from those specific areas.

Sometimes, these isolated areas of our bodies are rather neglected or only receive attention when we expect them to churn out a quick orgasm. But the act of tuning in to your sexual wellness on a regular basis can increase your understanding of how your body works best and can help increase libido. Mentally, you’ll have a new awareness of how to connect with these muscle groups and pay attention to their wellbeing. I can help guide you through the areas that may currently be holding you back from positions you’d like to try, increased orgasmic pleasure, better blood flow, and extra energy.

Plus, stretching can help restore function to areas that may be constricted or have a limited range of motion due to past injuries, surgeries, or prolonged inactivity. In these cases, you may have lost a bit of function without even realizing it, because during the healing process, oftentimes other muscles will work harder to compensate for the weakened areas. But by reconditioning these areas, you can expand your sexual repertoire, and you’ll be feeling better than ever.

A lot of people currently work in sit-down jobs, but spending a third of your day sitting in a chair and staring at a screen is basically the perfect recipe for stiffness, muscle cramps or adhesion, and low flexibility. Counteracting this takes time and dedication, but when the reward is better orgasms, it’s definitely a worthwhile exertion.

What I Offer During Sensual Stretching Instruction Appointments

Whether you’re single or coupled, my sensual stretching appointments can help you achieve your sexual health goals by yourself or with a partner. Women particularly benefit from these consultations since women sometimes suffer from conditions like vaginismus that can make intercourse difficult, painful, and in extreme circumstances, impossible. Luckily, this condition is very treatable, and women who practice the stretches typically go on to experience normal, healthy, pleasurable sex lives afterward. Kegel ball training and instruction specifically for women is also available to this end.

Connect to Your Pelvic Floor

Men and women all have pelvic floors and can experience physiological rewards when they connect to this part of the body and focus on strengthening it. Life has a way of weakening this crucial intersection of muscles. Circumstances such as childbirth, prostate removal, or conditions like diabetes and overactive bladder all contribute to a weak pelvic floor. Performing Kegel exercises using proper technique is the best way to strengthen your pelvic floor, and having a professional guide you through the maneuvers can help ensure you’re performing them correctly. In addition to sexual satisfaction, you may even reap benefits like better bladder control and improved bowel function.

Reach Out to Learn More About Sensual Stretching Instruction

Flexibility is an essential part of your sexual health, and I strongly recommend incorporating it into your fitness routine. Once we meet and determine the stretches that will benefit you the most, you’ll be able to try out new techniques or positions on your partner, or just have the satisfaction of being more in touch with your sexuality and your body. Let’s get together, and we’ll make your body feel healthy, whole, and orgasmic – contact me here!