Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with CBD

Folks who have erectile dysfunction are suffering from a disorder that impacts their quality of life, and makes it hard (no pun intended) to find treatment. To combat this pesky disorder, you’re going to want an arsenal full of ideas, and you’re going to want to leave no stone unturned. So, if you haven’t tried CBD, you could be missing out on one of the most effective—not to mention fun and tasty—ways to find relief from erectile dysfunction.

What Types of Erectile Dysfunction Does CBD Treat?

Erectile dysfunction can occur due to many causes: there are age-related disorders, porn-induced erectile dysfunction, and more. But if your erectile dysfunction is related to anxiety, you might be in luck. So: how do you tell if the cause is psychological? Luckily, it is pretty simple. If you can get aroused by yourself during masturbation or sleep, but when you’re with a partner suddenly the pressure becomes too much to maintain an erection, the cause is more often than not psychological.

Erectile dysfunction that is caused by psychological stressors is incredibly common, especially in folks who develop it at an early age. The medical community has estimated that 10-20% of all erectile dysfunction diagnoses are related to psychological inhibition rather than physiological. All jokes aside, the penis does not, in fact, have a mind of its own—it’s directly connected to your brain. And when your brain is filled with performance anxiety, your erection quality and amount can dwindle. Though you may feel sexual excitement, anxiety can impede the arousal from making its way down to your penis, which makes the process all the more frustrating.

The problem with performance anxiety about your sex life is that the problem often compounds itself. If performance anxiety has affected you once, you’re probably more focused than ever on your erection, your partner’s perception and satisfaction, and the pressure to get hard. With more failed attempts comes increased anxiety, and pretty soon a minor inconvenience has become a major roadblock to a satisfying sex life.

How Does CBD Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

CBD has been scientifically proven to help with a lot of different medical issues, and CBD improves your sex life as well. How does one little component of marijuana—one that doesn’t get you high or cause you to fail a drug test—fix all these common problems? Well, for starters, CBD limits anxiety, which helps shift your focus to arousal rather than nerves. CBD works with serotonin in your body, which regulates your nervous system. Too little serotonin and you may feel depressed; too much and you may feel anxious. CBD can help even these levels out, returning you to a happy medium. Some studies have found CBD so effective that it can be used to treat generalized anxiety disorder and other long-term, life-altering mental conditions.

I think one of the best products on the market for erectile dysfunction related to performance anxiety is CBD lube. My personal favorite is Passion Personal Lubricant by Science of Life Alchemy. I always keep some on-hand because not only does it work great as a sexual lubricant (it’s water-based, so it’s compatible with condoms and toys!), but it also can help create a relaxed atmosphere that allows us to have more intense sexual experiences. Plus, the mucous membrane that surrounds the genitals is more porous and absorbs the CBD better than most skin—or even our digestive system. This means that you’ll feel the effects of the CBD faster!

How Can I Help?

I’ve worked with a lot of clients who suffer from ED, and in the process, I’ve developed a lot of techniques to help people through it. For one, I’m great at making people comfortable, creating a connection, and setting up a sexual situation that takes the pressure—and the spotlight—off of your erection. But beyond that, we can try the CBD lube together. I’ll help show you the correct timing (which, by the way, is apply, and then use the fifteen or so minutes for foreplay while the CBD takes effect), and before you know it, you’ll leave with new methods and sexual activities that can overpower your performance anxiety.

Having good sex is my passion, and in my time as a legal sex worker, I’ve come in contact with all kinds of sexual difficulties. My background in sex education has equipped me to help with these problems by putting you at ease and helping determine the root causes. Some men are too uncomfortable to speak with their doctor about erectile dysfunction, but it’s one of my specialties. You won’t have to worry that it’s something I haven’t seen or dealt with before. You really can’t surprise me—but I may just surprise you, and it may trigger your future sex life to turn around completely.

Ready to Book?

When you’re ready for some sexual treatment for anxiety-related erectile dysfunction that does not involve pills, get in touch. You can always reach me at [email protected]. I respond to all my emails personally, and I’m excited to help you on your journey toward a more fulfilling sex life.