Penis Sensitivity Training

Penis Sensitivity Training

Masturbation is a fun, normal, healthy part of your sex life, and it doesn’t deserve the stigmatization that surrounds it. Touching yourself is a perfect way to find out what you like, experiment with new fantasies, and get to know your body on an intimate level. Self-gratification can relieve stress, improve the quality of your sleep, lessen the experience of pain, and boost your body image. Plus, there’s never a risk of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Giving yourself a hand is a pretty amazing way to spend an afternoon or evening!

Despite the many benefits, how you masturbate is rather important. It’s not as if there is a correct way and an incorrect way to masturbate, because every body is different. But if you masturbate with regularity, as most of us do, you’re creating habits for your body that can spill over into your partnered sex life. And, you want to make sure that those habits don’t negatively impact your sex life or your capacity to reach orgasm with a partner.

Best Practices for Self-Stimulation

First of all, wash your hands. You might be surprised how dirty those things can get, and cleaning them before you get started is common sense. Grab your favorite lube (water-based is an ideal choice, especially if you’re playing with some toys!) before you get started. If you aren’t using enough lube, you are training your body to respond to rougher sensations, which can definitely decrease your sensitivity. Don’t do that! Lube is your friend, and it helps protect you from overstimulation.

Then, start slow and work up to a pace you enjoy. Don’t forget to vary your techniques, strokes, rhythms, and fantasies, so that you don’t end up pigeonholing yourself into one path to orgasm. The more ways you have to reach orgasm, the happier you will be, and the easier it will be on your partners to enjoy sex that fulfills you both.

Conditions That Lead to Desensitization

If you’re a person with a penis, and that penis is circumcised, the bad news is that you’ve lost a lot of the sensitive foreskin that you were born with. Worse yet is that traditional masturbation without lube can lead to “death grip syndrome” where the penis is grasped too tightly and becomes accustomed to sensation overload. Those who develop death grip syndrome use a grip so tight that no vaginal canal can replicate the feeling, and so partnered sex lacks the stimulation necessary to bring them to orgasm.

Or, perhaps you live with a condition like ED, and gripping exceedingly tightly feels like the only way to reliably engage your penis. This is a real problem! No one wants to masturbate their way out of a rewarding sex life, but all too often, this can happen.

Another condition that can certainly put a damper on your sex life is PIED (porn-induced erectile dysfunction). The overuse of pornography can effectively have numbing effects on your brain, much like a tight grip can numb your penis sensitivity. When used mindfully, porn can be a great learning tool and sex enhancer, but using it too much can be detrimental to your sex life. Submerging yourself in sexual imagery can have unintended results like no longer experiencing arousal the way you did before. You may become dependent on a specific scenario to turn you on mentally, and everyday sex may not be enough to get you in the mood.

Luckily, if these scenarios ring true for you, they are reversible, and I can help!

How I Can Help

What happens during penis sensitivity training? It’s a boot camp that can give you back lost sensation in your penis. During this kind of experience, we’ll explore the potential causes for lack of penile sensation, discuss masturbatory methods that are healthier, and create a personalized strategy to re-train your erection into being 100% sensitive.

Before we create a plan, we’ll investigate what is causing your lack of sensitivity. Whether it’s the method you use to masturbate, overindulgence in porn, circumcision, or other environmental factors, that knowledge will inform our plan of attack to return you to a state of full sensitivity and enjoyment.

I can demonstrate methods of masturbating that will give your body the chance to realize its full potential for sensitivity and orgasm. I can also recommend specific products that will help you respond better so that you can once again have a satisfying sex life.

Couples can benefit from this training, too. If your partner is a woman, know that some women also experience desensitization due to overuse of toys (fun fact: vibrators are definitely numbing, too!), overconsumption of porn, falling into a routine, or other lifestyle factors that diminish sexual pleasure. If desensitization isn’t a problem, we can go over vaginal fitness, the importance of pelvic floor health, and more.  Plus, I can help your partner discover ways to touch you without veering into overstimulation.

So, whether you’re partnered or flying solo, if your masturbation habits have negatively impacted your life, schedule a time to meet with me so that we can get you back on track!