Oral Sex- Best blowjob ever

Oral sex has become one of the preferred options for most men. Some studies reveal that many men would prefer to get a blow job than have sexual intercourse and this can give you an indication on how fulfilling oral sex can be for men!

There are many women who have wrong myths about oral sex, to the extent of some of them feeling disgusted about it. However, there some tips that I used to help bring us both oral pleasure together. 

  • #1-Be Easy and Enjoy

While most people may not be aware, most of the sexual pleasure starts from the mind. So when you want to engage in oral sex, you should set your mind to enjoy it and be relaxed. As you enjoy the process, you will realize that your partner will enjoy it and find it more satisfying.

  • #2-Be Inquisitive during oral sex

You cannot become an oral sex expert without asking questions. Try different techniques and ask your partner how they feel about it. You can start with the basic techniques of oral sex, but do not be afraid to explore more and ask more questions. Oral sex is not just about the mouth but can be include the lips, hands, fingertips and any other creative technique that you can think of. I love asking and finding out what you enjoy the most- and please don’t hesitate to provide feedback! if something feels great, say so!

  • #3-Proper Lubrication

In order to have a seamless experience and easily go in and out of the mouth during sex, it is important to have sufficient lubrication. Wetness will make the overall sensation much greater. When I give a blowjob, I always make sure my mouth is nice and wet. In this case, forget about being neat and tidy!

My clients always leave satisfied. We can spend as much time as you would like enjoying oral pleasure together! GFE combines beautifully with oral sex. Contact me today to experience the best blowjob of your life!