Why CBD Lube Works

Oh, the many, many joys of CBD. Today, I am here to talk to you about why CBD lube works even better than regular lubricant, how it works, and what benefits your sexual health and sex life can reap from incorporating a little CBD lube. And if you’re interested, at the end I have a discount code so you can save ten percent on your next CBD purchase at my favorite CBD shop.

If you missed my article on CBD and sex, you are going to want to check that out as well to find out how CBD can enhance your sexual pleasure and what exactly the difference is between CBD and THC, CBD and legal marijuana, and which products are legal to use. More of a visual learner? Don’t miss my Coffee With Alice episode about the many, full-body benefits of CBD.

The “Why” and “How” Behind CBD Lube’s Benefits

Regular lube’s job is pretty straightforward: make surfaces slippery, be body-safe, and be compatible with condoms. CBD lube does all that and more! My favorite CBD lube, Passion CBD Lube by the Science of Life Alchemy, is water-based, so it’s compatible with condoms. But it also gives you the medicinal benefits that CBD offers like increased relaxation; a reduction in pain, depression symptoms, and anxiety; and that super slippery skin sensation that can make sexual activities feel oh-so-good.

Let’s get scientific. Why does CBD lube work? There are a number of ways that the body can ingest substances: inhalation (breathing!), ingestion (eating!), injection (needles!), and dermal, percutaneous absorption (consumption topically through the skin!). How much of a substance your skin is truly able to absorb is influenced by several things: current medications you are taking, certain diseases, wounds, and permeability. Permeability is just the scientific way of describing how susceptible your skin is to the materials its put into contact with. For a visual, is your skin more like a sponge, or more like tree bark?  Well, that would depend on what skin we’re talking about.

For instance, your hands may have callouses and are often weathered by all the use they get. But skin that has mucous membranes (like your genitals and your tongue) absorbs the best because that skin is more like a sponge. And, CBD is best absorbed through mucous membranes rather than your regular, non-mucous membrane covered skin. So, CBD lube is even better than other products that are absorbed through the skin, because when you apply it to your genitals, the skin is permeable and you’ll feel more of the effects, faster.

Do you know how some medicines (like tinctures) are supposed to be taken under your tongue for fast absorption? Yep, it’s the same idea. Rubbing this lube on your genitals means you’ll experience the benefits of really fast-acting CBD. So unlike edibles, where you eat them and then wait for an hour or two, the lube can be used within a reasonable amount of time, making it the perfect addition to your sexual encounters.

The effects can be beneficial for folks with anxiety-related erectile dysfunction (it can help them feel harder, as CBD supports tissue engorgement) or pain that prevents them from enjoying sexual activity. Women who have pain during intercourse: you definitely want to give this a try.

If you’re wondering why I’m such a big fan of CBD lube, personally, I like the extra wet feeling—it’s just plain erotic. And better yet, it can help you quiet your mind and focus on and be receptive toward your feelings of sexual pleasure. It’s a little bit of an aphrodisiac, and if you’re interested in incorporating some new, fun feelings into your sex life, CBD lube is just the thing to try.

Tips for Using CBD Lube

CBD lube takes a little bit of time to take effect—the manufacturer estimates about twenty minutes. So, I recommend slathering some on, engaging in some foreplay, and then getting started. Some people notice a slight buzz or tingle once the lube begins to take full effect. Going through these steps—even though it takes a bit longer—is well worth the time investment; you’ll be rewarded with the pleasure dividends.

Things CBD Lube Won’t Do

To alleviate some concerns, remember that CBD is not legal marijuana; it’s just a component of marijuana, much like hemp. CBD will not get you high, will not impair your driving abilities, and will not make you fail a drug test. CBD is extremely safe, and that’s just one of the reasons why it’s becoming such a popular product for sexual health.

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