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Alice Little: #1 Highest Paid Legal Sex Worker in the United States talks Sex, Love, and Life

Alice Little’s story is anything but conventional. Her journey of exploration has taken her from being a jockey, to being an EMT, and now to being the #1 highest paid legal sex worker at the Bunny Ranch made famous by the CatHouse TV series shown on HBO.

Alice is an incredibly intelligent, hard-working person who is doing everything in her power to improve the sex lives of the people she interacts with. One of Alice’s primary goals in every interaction is to understand a person as deeply as possible so she can help them better understand themselves.

The secrets to an incredible sex life may not be what you expect. Today we get to sit down with an expert who pulls back the curtain and gives us a clear picture of how to not just have better sex, but have better relationships and overall a better life.