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A Week As A Legal Sex Worker In Mound House, NV, On A $267,000 Salary

Welcome back to Money Diaries Monday! At the start of each week, we take a deep dive into Money Diaries in a variety of ways, from recurring articles to fresh pieces for the MD community.
Today, we asked a legal sex worker in Nevada to track her money for an entire week — both what she spends and what she earns.
Occupation: Legal Sex Worker
Age: 20s
Location: Mound House, NV
Salary: It varies. I typically bring in mid-six figures. My first year, I booked $511,000, pocketing half of that as my income pre-expenses. The house takes 50% of whatever I book.
My goal is to book $750,000 this year. I’ve booked $534,000 this year so far — $267,000 pre-expenses and pre-taxes. During tax season, many things for us are deductible — condoms, lube, massage oil, photo shoots, my computer, my cell phone, the cost to get my hair cut, makeup, etc. I file as an LLC and pay just over $15,000 in taxes each year on average.