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The Bunny Ranch Is Aiming To Have Sexbots Available By 2019

We have all accepted that sexbots are on their way, right? Based on the number of times people incorrectly assume I am going to fuck a robot, I have to believe it’s a society-wide foregone conclusion. However, it’s not necessarily a welcome one. A lot of people think it will do to human interaction what fast food did to the American diet. This is also a belief people hold about the readily available orgasms provided by prostitution. Without the need to interact with others in order to get our sexual needs met, we may all become shut-ins hellbent on our own shuddering climaxes. So, imagine the handwringing and beating of breasts that will erupt when people get word that Dennis Hof, the mogul behind the Moonlite Bunny Ranch and a half dozen other legal brothels, is set on sexbots working alongside his human sex workers.