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How To Teach A Man To Pleasure You

How To Get A Man To Please You In Bed Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

01:29 – What we’re bringing you will dramatically change your love life and our source Alice Little has a lot of insight. But beware of being triggered
05:03 – Is there a difference between a courtesan and a prostitute? If so, what is it?
08:10 – Why have courtesans been such an important piece of our history?
11:10 – Is it true that men are actually interested in what pleasures you?
12:12 – This is how you find out how to open up someone in different ways
14:40 – How do you make someone at ease when they are not yet comfortable communicating intimately?
16:05 – Being able to communicate sexually helps you do this
16:58 – What is the difference between men and women sexually?
22:16 – Are there things that women do that are damaging to their body?
25:33 – Who is our guest’s favorite courtesan?
30:56 – What are the common misconceptions about courtesans?
31:49 – Do you know that men are actually afraid to do this?
36:20 – In today’s society, intimacy is in this dangerous position
40:59 – What is the girlfriend experience?
43:45 – We need to start debunking myths about men so we can do this
45:04 – What men really want is to bring you pleasure, but men act like this
47:40 – If somebody is self-aware, it can result in this
49:22 – Do this, and you can end up finding out a lot about yourself
50:05 – These are new safe sex tools that we can use