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Yes, Straight Women Visit Sex Workers – Here’s Why

Sex is a vital part of health and wellness, yet it is often the least discussed of our health needs, even among women, who are often better than men at staying on top of their well-being. Quality sexual encounters that are mutually pleasurable for all parties involved are often the missing key when it comes to our sex lives.

As fantastic as that sounds, how does one have a quality encounter? What does that experience even look like? The reality is most of us have no idea how to actually have good sex. Instead, most Americans simply turn off the lights, get naked under the covers and hope their partner isn’t totally miserable. This is the unfortunate byproduct of a society severely lacking in sex education. This is where sex workers like myself come in — we are the sex educators women need.

So, just what can a sex worker teach the average American female about sex? Quite a lot, in fact. To scratch the surface, there’s the practical side of sex education: Which products actually work, which lubes are safe to use with condoms, how you should clean your sex toys and how to tell if an item is a good-quality sex toy in the first place.