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The senses have always inspired the mind when it comes to sexual gratification. Sight is obvious- the allure of a woman’s curves, scantily clad in delicate lace lingerie; the scent of a lady’s perfume or shampoo can spark fond memories, and induce arousal. Touch is always appealing. However, the sense that inspires me most sexually […]

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Sex Education Vacation: A True Couple’s Retreat   More than ever, couples are seeking new and innovative ways to infuse their love lives with passion, romance, and plenty of sex. 2018 has shown an exciting new sex trend emerging in the most interesting of locations, Nevada’s Legal Brothels. Sex workers like myself are receiving more […]

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The Art of Erotic Sexual Denial Erotic sexual denial, often referred to as orgasm denial, is one of my favorite types of mental BDSM. By using a combination of physical sensation and verbal persuasion, you can gently coax your partner right to the point of orgasm before countering it with teasing and torturing! There are […]

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Not Just for Men: Brothel Visits are for Women Too! Times are changing, and America’s attitude towards sex is too! With the 21st century came legalized marriage for LGBT couples, Trans Rights activism, and even polyamory making it into the news! Having always been the proverbial thermometer of sex trends, the Bunny Ranch has witnessed […]

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