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Prostate massage, prostate milking, prostate stimulation, and pegging are all common variations on one of my all time favorite sex experiences! Focused around the often mysteriously described prostate, such activities may seem complicated, taboo, or overly aggressive. The reality is, prostate play is something everyone would benefit from exploring from! While it isn’t for everyone, […]

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With most industries, it’s easy to see what a successful professional looks like. In the restaurant world, top chefs compete for coveted Michelin stars. Premier real estate agents are often showcased in business magazines, CEOs of fortune 500 companies are profiled extensively by journalists. When it comes to my industry, however, there is much confusion […]

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Sex Sofa Positions

by | May 15, 2018

Looking for an interesting way to spice up your sex life? Sex Sofas are the latest sex trend to recently remerge in popularity. Armed with more positions than ever before, lovers are taking their lovemaking out from between the sheets and onto Sex Sofas. Being a legal sex worker, I make it a priority to […]

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The senses have always inspired the mind when it comes to sexual gratification. Sight is obvious- the allure of a woman’s curves, scantily clad in delicate lace lingerie; the scent of a lady’s perfume or shampoo can spark fond memories, and induce arousal. Touch is always appealing. However, the sense that inspires me most sexually […]

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