Tracy's Dog has done it again!

April 11, 2023 Advice

Tracy’s Dog has done it again with their 2-in-1 G spot vibrator with clitoral sucking! When it comes to sex toys, you want to search for not just a quality product, but one that can deliver a multitude of sensations. Here’s what you’ve been looking for!

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Let's Hang with Zenhanger!

April 04, 2023 Sex Education

When it comes to mens intimacy products, there are very few on the market that exceed expectations. This is one of those times.

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Why Adult Entertainment Creators Should be Wary of the AI Revolution

February 20, 2023 Advice

Revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) technologies took the world by storm in the past year. The general public was introduced to tools like Dall•E 2, which allows for the creation of never-before-seen images simply by typing in a brief text prompt. ChatGPT, an interactive AI chatbot, can generate original haikus, novellas, or film scripts when prompted in a similar manner. Soon, we will be able to ask AI to produce videos, complete with computer-generated characters and settings, the content of which is limited only by our imagination and desires. And what we will desire more than anything is sex.

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Best Positions for Ultimate Pleasure

December 05, 2022 Advice, Sex Education, PSE - Pornstar Experience

Sex positions can completely change your experience of sex. If you disagree, just ask someone with arthritis or a bad back. Which sex positions will feel like fireworks versus those that will feel painful, exhausting, or just meh depends on your body, your turn-ons, and your partner. The positions you see when you watch porn might be unbelievable and hot, but they also might be unrealistic for someone with average endurance and flexibility. Below are my top recommendations for the best sex positions for ultimate pleasure. Some will work for you that won’t work for others, and vice versa. And that’s okay! Our differences are what make sexual experiences so unique and memorable. But what makes these positions the best for ultimate pleasure is that they increase comfort, gratification, and visual or tactile appeal, making them a win-win-win.

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Sensual Seduction

November 28, 2022 First Visit, GFE - Girlfriend Experience, PSE - Pornstar Experience

Seduction is an essential item in everyone’s sexual toolkit, and, at its core, it’s the ability to make someone want you. It’s the ultimate combination of attraction, temptation, and the talent to tease. Here’s how to incorporate more seduction into your sex life—whether you have a partner or not.

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Sexy Halloween Costumes to Spice Things Up

October 20, 2022 Advice, Couples Parties, Role Playing, Sex Education

Let’s get sexy this Halloween. Sure, you could dress up in the low-maintenance costume you always wear, but branching out is so much fun! Plus, sexy Halloween costumes give you double the bang for your buck: not only can you blow everyone away at the Halloween party, but your partner—or a sexy stranger—might not be able to resist you, either.

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Dungeon Delights

October 13, 2022 BDSM, Role Playing, Sex Education, Kink and Fetish

As a game and kink aficionado, I know that dungeons are equally fun when paired with dragons as they are when paired with a consenting, enthusiastic partner. A sex dungeon is a place where you can make all your darkest BDSM fantasies a reality whether you’re a top, bottom, or switch, and that’s something I love to help people do. Let’s talk about some of the furniture and other accessories you might encounter in a dungeon and how to use them safely.

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Horror Fantasies

October 06, 2022 Role Playing, Sex Education, Kink and Fetish

Spooky season is finally upon us, so it’s time to own up to your most horrifying fantasies. Don’t worry; we all have them—that sexual fantasy that might make someone else’s jaw drop. Fantasies like these are all too common, and they’re nothing to be afraid of. In fact, there’s nothing more fun than enacting something spooky in a safe and consensual way.

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How to Know If the Girlfriend Experience Is Right for You

October 03, 2022 About Alice, GFE - Girlfriend Experience, Sex Education

Though brothels are known for being a one-stop shop for all things sexual, one of the most often overlooked things they offer is intimacy. People who want more than a quick blowjob might be interested in something called the Girlfriend Experience, where they get the chance to go a bit deeper than just sex. In the biz, we refer to the Girlfriend Experience as GFE for short. So, if you’re thinking about booking the GFE, below are some ways to tell if this is how you’ll best enjoy your time at the brothel.

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How to Keep the Spark Alive in a Long-Term Relationship

September 22, 2022 Advice, Couples Parties, Sex Education

Long-term relationships can add so much to your life: you have a partner who knows you, understands you, and (hopefully!) someone with whom you’re comfortable being your most authentic self. But it’s also challenging to keep your sex life at the level of energy, longing, and magnetism that you had in the beginning. Luckily, if you’ve been with your partner for years, you can have the best of both worlds: comfort and heat—here’s how.

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