Dungeon Delights

Dungeon Delights

As a game and kink aficionado, I know that dungeons are equally fun when paired with dragons as they are when paired with a consenting, enthusiastic partner. A sex dungeon is a place where you can make all your darkest BDSM fantasies a reality whether you’re a top, bottom, or switch, and that’s something I love to help people do. Let’s talk about some of the furniture and other accessories you might encounter in a dungeon and how to use them safely.
St. Andrews Cross

St. Andrews Cross

If you’ve never seen a St. Andrews Cross, it’s something to behold. Shaped like an X, it’s perfect for tying someone up and having your way with them—consensually, of course. It started, of course, as a religious symbol, making it the perfect item for some religious roleplay. Naughty nun and rebellious student or perverted priest and sinful parishioner would all make excellent scenes to pair with the St. Andrew’s Cross.

When facing forward strapped to the cross, the fun is usually a sexual tease. You can provoke and torture the person affixed to the cross for as long as you’d like. If you’ve bound them facing backward, impact play is typically the name of the game, whether that comes in the form of spanking, flogging, or whipping.

Spanking Bench

A spanking bench is relatively self-explanatory: it’s a piece of furniture that makes longer spanking sessions more comfortable and accessible. Having someone sit on your lap is hot, too, but it can get uncomfortable quickly. A spanking bench allows you to restrain your partner in a position they could conceivably stay in for an hour or two while you dole out the punishment they deserve. It also puts them in a posture where you have perfect access to—and a great view of—their backside.

Sex Swings

Sex swings aren’t inherently kinky, but they are a great tool to have in any sex dungeon. Many come with D-rings, perfect for hooking your partner up to them. Others are great for spinning, which can be used as a punishment if your sub isn’t obeying as they should. Sex positions are often easier regardless of flexibility in the sex swing. Plus, it can give your thrusting an extra bounce, giving penetration an even more intense feeling and the dominant person more control over every insertion. You’ll both feel more acrobatic than you thought possible, and having an orgasm while feeling weightless is something everyone should try at least once.

Isolation Room

If your sub has been especially disobedient, they might need to spend some time in the isolation room. An isolation room is typically a small room where you lock your sub in for short amounts of time, and it’s essentially a claustrophobic person’s worst nightmare. They’re usually small, dark, and effective at getting your sub to obey.

A Cage

Much like an isolation room, a cage is a place to keep your sub. Unlike most isolation rooms, they can typically see outside the cage, expanding your options for punishment. You can force them to watch you do something you know they’d enjoy joining, or you can use it as an instrument of humiliation. It’s also a great tool for pet roleplay since many resemble kennels, so you can keep your pet caged until it’s time to come out and play.

A Throne

A Throne

You can use the throne in a dungeon for worship, but it’s also handy in several other BDSM scenarios. You can sit in it as a demonstration of who’s in charge or use it as a comfy resting place to watch your sub carry out whatever orders you’ve discharged. Whenever you sit on a throne, you can be sure that your inner dom will come out swinging.

Using Dungeon Furniture Safely

Dungeons are only fun if both parties feel safe throughout the scene. It’s important to establish safe words beforehand and to only play with people you trust. It’s also crucial to talk about everything that will happen within the scene, including time limits, the type of language you’ll use, and what types of aftercare are necessary to help the sub reacclimate to daily life. These tasks ensure that what is happening is separate from abuse and reaffirm your affection for the person you’re playing with.

Lastly, if you are engaging in impact play, learning about safe parts of the body to hit before getting started is essential. If you are using something like a whip, you’ll want to undergo training before ever engaging with a person. I’m a long-time bondage enthusiast, and I’d love to help you upgrade your skills safely so that you can become a dungeon master.

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