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Best Positions for Ultimate Pleasure

December 05, 2022 Advice, Sex Education, PSE - Pornstar Experience

Sex positions can completely change your experience of sex. If you disagree, just ask someone with arthritis or a bad back. Which sex positions will feel like fireworks versus those that will feel painful, exhausting, or just meh depends on your body, your turn-ons, and your partner. The positions you see when you watch porn might be unbelievable and hot, but they also might be unrealistic for someone with average endurance and flexibility. Below are my top recommendations for the best sex positions for ultimate pleasure. Some will work for you that won’t work for others, and vice versa. And that’s okay! Our differences are what make sexual experiences so unique and memorable. But what makes these positions the best for ultimate pleasure is that they increase comfort, gratification, and visual or tactile appeal, making them a win-win-win.

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Sensual Seduction

November 28, 2022 First Visit, GFE - Girlfriend Experience, PSE - Pornstar Experience

Seduction is an essential item in everyone’s sexual toolkit, and, at its core, it’s the ability to make someone want you. It’s the ultimate combination of attraction, temptation, and the talent to tease. Here’s how to incorporate more seduction into your sex life—whether you have a partner or not.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should See a Sex Worker

August 21, 2022 Advice, Podcast, Sex Education, PSE - Pornstar Experience

If you’re on the fence about coming to see me, let me help you make up your mind. A little-known truth about sex work is that it’s not just an indulgence—it’s often a form of self-care that can improve the quality of your life, sometimes long-term. So, let’s talk about the top five reasons you should see a sex worker.

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Brothel Experiences

July 25, 2022 First Visit, GFE - Girlfriend Experience, Virgin, PSE - Pornstar Experience

People that haven’t visited a brothel before often mistakenly assume that every brothel experience is the same. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. Brothel experiences are as unique as the people who choose them, and they vary a lot on the price spectrum as well. There is essentially a menu, but instead of food, you get to pick your pleasure—literally. Let’s talk about some of the most popular brothel experiences and how to choose the one that’s perfect for you.

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Creating the Ultimate Sexual Bucket List

January 19, 2022 Role Playing, Sex Education, Sex Vacations, PSE - Pornstar Experience

Everyone needs to have a bucket list for sex. Why? Well, it’s one part dreaming about the future, one part total fantasy, and one part strategic planning and goal-setting. It’s a way to get to know yourself and your partner better, to assess your current sex life, and understand where you want it to go. It’s also a good reminder that there are still sexual frontiers you haven’t explored. On a bucket list, you can go a little beyond the realm of what’s currently possible and put down your wildest hopes and dreams for what could be. Without one, you could settle into a routine, which almost always leads to sexual boredom. Don’t do that! Instead, consider my list of ideas below as a jumping-off point for your own sexual bucket list.

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