Sexy Halloween Costumes to Spice Things Up

Sexy Halloween Costumes to Spice Things Up

Let’s get sexy this Halloween. Sure, you could dress up in the low-maintenance costume you always wear, but branching out is so much fun! Plus, sexy Halloween costumes give you double the bang for your buck: not only can you blow everyone away at the Halloween party, but your partner—or a sexy stranger—might not be able to resist you, either.
How to Choose a Sexy Halloween Costume

How to Choose a Sexy Halloween Costume

Sexy Halloween costumes are everywhere, and selecting the right one can be tricky. What feels like a sexy costume to you may be different from what anyone else would choose, and that’s a good thing. The more you seek something that complements your personality, the sexier you will feel.

The first step is to consider how you present yourself in your fantasies. Dive deeper than you might normally. If you typically fantasize about blowjobs, what other factors remain the same? Is there something else that typically makes the scenario more interesting and arousing for you? Are you bolder than normal? Are you stronger and more flexible, or do you have the reflexes of a cat? Are you bound to your loved one’s wishes? Try to find the common denominator in how you like to look, feel, and act in your fantasies, and this will give you insight into what to look for in your Halloween costume. And as a bonus, it will help you get to know yourself and your sexuality in a more meaningful way, which can even improve your sex life if you clue your partner in to all your newfound turn-ons.

Next, don’t feel like you need to do something traditional. If you’re not comfortable showing a ton of skin, that’s okay! You can still find a sexy Halloween costume that arouses your senses. And on the other hand, if you feel like this is the time to wear next to nothing, that’s amazing!

Lastly, consider the time commitment and how much effort you’re willing to expend. If you want something ready to go right out of the box, you may be unable to choose something as creative or specific as you would if you’re willing to put together multiple items or even get crafting yourself.

Some Sexy Halloween Costumes to Try

Some Sexy Halloween Costumes to Try

Below are some ideas to get your creativity flowing and help you find the intersection between sexy Halloween costume and roleplay.

Something from your favorite TV show or movie: 

Use Hollywood as your Halloween muse. Think of something from that show you can’t stop bingeing or the movie you can’t stop raving about. Was there a character that you found super sexy? Why not access the sexual energy they radiate and take some of it for your own?

An outfit that makes you feel like you, but better: 

Halloween is the perfect time to identify your sexy alter ego. If you’ve ever related hard to a character in a book, someone from mythology, a celebrity, or anyone else that made you feel empowered, then you know where to start looking. Think of people, living or dead, that you lionize. Then dress up like them!

This is a great way to choose a sexy Halloween costume, especially if you’re new to roleplay. They won’t feel completely unfamiliar, but they will feel extra special because you’ll represent the best parts of yourself or embody someone that exemplifies your potential.

An outfit you would never wear normally:

 Halloween is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone with little to no pressure! Everyone is dressing up as things that they obviously have no relation to. So, do something a bit out of character—something that makes you feel empowered, even if it’s diametrically opposed to who you are in everyday life.

Try out something kinky: 

Halloween is a favorite holiday of the kink community for a good reason. It’s an ideal time to let out your inner kinkster for all to see. So, if you’ve had something kinky in the back of your mind that you’ve been toying with trying, Halloween is the perfect time to take the plunge!

If you’ve felt like a dominant, you can dress up to the nines with whips, chains, and heels. Or dress as any type of sub you can imagine, from an obedient student to a bratty servant. Dress up as your favorite pet for pet play, or join the furry kingdom to become any animal that speaks to you.

You may feel a brand new expression of yourself coming to life when you put the costumes on. But even if you don’t, even if you feel a bit strange, that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun in the bedroom. Some people prefer to keep their sexual personas somewhat private, and that’s perfectly okay. Just make sure you try it in the bedroom before deciding if you like it.

No matter what costume you choose, Halloween is the perfect time to get out of your sexual routine and explore the darker side of your fantasies. Shake out the skeletons from your closet and see what a sexy time you can have playing around with the spooky parts of your identity. Everyone has them, and it’s healthy to let them come out and play from time to time.

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