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As the number of Nevadans filing for unemployment hits record numbers due to government mandated COVID-19 business closures, the Silver State is slowly taking a foot off the social distancing brake and cautiously giving the economy some much needed gas. Nevada governor Steve Sisolak’s phase one reopening plan, which went into effect on May 9th, allows […]

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Right now, we’re all stuck in the same boat. Nearly everywhere, people are staying home at great personal cost in order to save the lives of people across the world. It’s inspiring, it’s frustrating, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to become better versions of ourselves. People are taking up new hobbies to make use of their newfound free time. From baking bread to origami, learning skills is a way to get through the period of social distancing. But, I’d like to suggest that the most important skill you could focus on during the isolation is self-care. If you can get good at self-care, you’ll see the benefits in many different facets of your life.

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Best BDSM Gear

by | March 23, 2020

Anyone getting ready for a BDSM session will need roughly three things to make it successful: the right mindset, the right partner, and the right equipment. Getting good quality BDSM gear is truly the best place to start.

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Those who are unfamiliar with bondage may think aftercare is another administrative, bureaucratic activity that kinksters engage in, much like negotiation. But, like negotiation, aftercare is not boring; it can be as sexy and fun as you want it to be! It’s not a drag, but one of the more bonding parts of bondage. So, […]

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Bottoming can be so healing that it’s an actual form of therapy. BDSM therapy can be used to reduce panic attacks and anxiety, and to increase self-love when used correctly. BDSM scenes can vary from exposure therapy (where you confront what you’re afraid of) to a way to feel and express deep emotions that you may not feel comfortable accessing during everyday life, and both of these situations can be healing for tops and bottoms. When everything occurs within the bottom’s boundaries, a sense of trust and optimism can be restored during a meaningful bottoming session.

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