Sex Education for Couples: Positions for Her

When it comes to the G-spot, during intercourse, either you’re hitting it or you’re missing it. If you have a partner with a G-spot, positioning yourself to increase their pleasure is of utmost importance. All the positions below maximize that sensual feeling of depth and fullness for the woman or whoever is being penetrated. When I teach sex education to couples, demonstrating these positions is one of the most helpful lessons for those who want to increase the frequency of their partner’s orgasm. Now, it’s important to mention before getting started that not all women can reach orgasm from G-spot stimulation, but if your partner can, you’ll want to use the sex positions and tips below to give her an experience unforgettable sexual indulgence.

Woman (or Bottom) on Top

Great for evening out height differences between partners, this position gives the person on top the ability to take control of the pace and depth of the sexual interaction. The person doing the penetrating can lie back and enjoy the view while the person on top has all the power. The male or penetrating partner could also use a sex sofa (this is the one I use and recommend!) or another chair that allows for a reclined position, which creates the perfect angle for creating friction against all your partner’s most sensitive areas. It can be a very sexy position for her, indeed.

Lap-dancing Cowgirl

Next up on our list is the lap-dancing cowgirl. If you haven’t tried it before, picture the same position as above; the man or person on the bottom stays in the same posture while the woman or person on top flips 180 degrees. She can lean back and rest against her partner as he thrusts, since the partners face the same direction, much like a lap-dancing cowgirl might. If you’re using a sex sofa, the man can place his feet on the ground for extra stability and leverage for thrusting. Better yet, this position is excellent for incorporating a sex toy, like a vibrator on the woman’s clit.

Modified Reverse Cowgirl

This is another position that’s great for accounting for height differentials. And as someone who is incredibly petite, I really appreciate that. This position is similar to the lap-dancing cowgirl, except instead of both parties reclining backward, this time both of us are angled forward or sitting upright.

The Fan

The fan is a sexual position that can be done with the person being penetrated bent over a desk, chair, or sex sofa. It is a variation of doggy style, with the penetrator entering from behind, but you can use the furniture to help stabilize. Fun fact: this position can be rather romantic since the partner in front can turn around for extra eye contact or kissing. Or, you could take this position a kinkier route and add in something fun like nipple clamps.

This position can also be done without a desk or other piece of furniture for the penetrated partner to lean on. The modified position is ideal for folks with erectile dysfunction to try since it allows for full penetration and can feel a lot deeper.

Modified Man on Top

For this position, using a piece of furniture that allows you to recline 30 degrees or so, the woman lays back, while the man enters her from above. Whoever is being penetrated could wrap their legs around their partner for additional support or just an extra feeling of closeness. This position made the list because it allows incredible access to stimulate your partner’s body, whether through kissing, nipple play, or rubbing her clit.

Legs on Shoulders

This position is intense and requires a bit of flexibility on the woman’s part. Start out with the woman lying down or reclined and the man on top, and place her legs over his shoulders. His erection will find unfettered access to her G-spot, and a lot of sensation on his end, as well.

Modified the Clip

The Clip is sexy from the get-go: both partners face each other while reclining and their pelvises meet, forming a V. If you have a sex sofa, both of your back can have some lumbar support, and so you can even hold hands during the encounter rather than using your hands for stability. The woman pushes her legs against the furniture to move up and down to grind against the erection, strap-on, or whatever else is stimulating her.

Modified Standing Position

Using a sex sofa or desk for the woman to lie back on, or better yet, with her head slanted downward, I can certify that this position feels incredible on the G-spot. If you want to give your woman the most intense orgasm of her life (and, seriously, who doesn’t?) this is the position you’re going to want to try. The man has access to teasing her body, and she can just lie back and luxuriate in all the sensations. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Some Final Thoughts on the Best Sex Positions for Her

When I conduct sex education for couples, I demonstrate all the ins and outs of each position, which can be especially helpful if either partner has a disability or injury that makes certain postures tough. I can show easy ways to modify the positions or tools that can help alter them so that the person without the injury can either thrust or control the pace of the thrusting. I can walk you through the ways to adjust your bodies to avoid strain on particular parts or to increase the pleasure and feeling of pressure.

Plus, for people with erectile dysfunction or obesity, I can train you both on how to minimize its effects. Sometimes a well-placed pillow, having one partner stand or lean back, using a wall for support, or other modifications mean the difference between orgasm and disappointment. Everyone deserves pleasure, and I can help make sure new levels of sexual satisfaction become a reality in your relationship when you join me for my sex education for couples. So if you and your partner are ready to upgrade your sex life, email me at [email protected].