Sex Education for Couples: Positions for Him

Don’t let the sex positions you use during sex get boring! Switch it up with some positions that bring men the most pleasure, and get out of that dull routine. Let’s run down these sex positions, countdown style. Think of it as a mini kama-sutra, perfect for people with male partners who want to increase their sexual pleasure.

The Pirate Bounty

Picture this: the male (or top) is reclining back at about a 45-degree angle (this position works best with a sex sofa or wedge. This position means the erection is basically straight up. The partner being penetrated sits on top and can control the speed and rhythm of the encounter. Keep in mind that the partner on top will need to have a decent amount of stamina to support their weight and continue to thrust until both partners are finished. You’ll be saying, “Yo, ho, ho!” in no time.

The Lap-dancing Cowgirl

The male is reclined back and uses core strength to stay at a 30-degree angle. The partner being penetrated is on top, facing the same way. This gives the partner on top the ability to grind on the other partner’s pelvis, much like would occur at a lap-dance. And before long, you’ll be busting more than just a move.

Bend Over Backward

In this position, the man or partner on bottom is seated. The partner on top squats on top of her partner, again facing the same direction, and can move up and down. In addition to the lovely view for the seated partner, this position allows surprisingly deep entry and incredible sensation.

The Basset Hound

Get your animal instincts ready for this one. The partner being penetrated bends over a sex sofa, bed, or chair at a 90-degree angle—the bum and head being at an even level. The penetrating partner enters from behind and can thrust in a standing or slightly bent position, whichever is more comfortable. If you’re kinky, the basset hound might be just the position to let your partner discover whether your bark is worse than your bite.

Ben Dover

Never met Ben before? Well, I have a feeling you’re going to love him. This sex position has the partner being penetrated with their legs in the air and their bottom slightly lifted from the furniture on which they lie. This angle gives the penetrating partner lots of options to play with.

The Acrobat

Step right up to position number six, the acrobat. In this position, the partner being entered retracts their legs with their knees hovering just over their shoulders, and the partner doing the entering can create intense sensations right off the bat. Great for folks with G-spots!

The Cross

In this position, the penetrator lies down, angling the penis or strap-on directly upward. The penetrat-ee sits atop facing the partner, so the two of them together form a cross. Fun times ensue!

The Intersection

This one is where the person being penetrated lies on their back, while the person entering them stands. Sex sofas are especially helpful in this situation, since beds, mattresses or other furniture may not be the exact right height, depending on the height of the person standing.

Tools and tips That Can Increase His Sexual Pleasure

If you’re lucky enough to have a sex sofa around (like I do!), your options for pleasurable sex positions are pretty much endless. It can help with lumbar support for those who have bad backs, or anyone who prefers to have sex at an incline. These are also great for anyone who has a disability or needs some support to help with balance.

A cheaper option is a sex wedge which is almost like a sex pillow that offers support no matter which piece of furniture you’re going to have sexy time on. A best practice is to find one made from antimicrobial foam to minimize any nasty little bacteria that want to grow on your sex equipment. Or, at the very least, get one with a removable cover so that you can wash the funk off that thing. Steer clear of leather because you won’t be able to sanitize it, at least not very easily.

One of the best tips I have for increasing his pleasure is to use lube. The more, the better. For those who have experienced the condom rolling off when using lube, what can sometimes help is to use a cockring; bonus if it’s a vibrating cock ring.

Lastly, the best way to increase your male partner’s sexual pleasure is to leave no stone unturned. Take the opportunity to find out if he likes nipple play, anal stimulation, or anything else that’s a little bit off the beaten path. If you’ve never tried pegging, try pegging! It’s a great way to switch up the typical power dynamics during sex, and if you’re nervous about the logistics, I can walk you through easy ways to ensure pegging is safe and pleasurable. Finding new avenues to orgasm is always an exciting sexual journey with your partner, and I’m happy to show you the ropes during a sex education for couples experience here at the ranch.

Your Guardian Angle: Why Your Angle of Insertion and Thrust Matters

Shifting your hips even a little can vastly alter the amount of thrust your partner is receiving. Because everyone’s shapes and sizes are totally varied, keep in mind that different partners will enjoy different angles. A little bit of trial and error, communication, and feedback can ensure everyone has an enjoyable time.

Book a Sex Education for Couples Experience With Me

Come with your partner, if you’re both so inclined, and we can explore many different sexual positions for him that will break up your usual sexual repertoire and increase both of your pleasure. Email me at [email protected], and we’ll plan something perfect for you and your man.