Brothel Visits Are For Women Too!

by | February 8, 2018 | Couples | 2 comments

Brothel Visits for Women Too

Not Just for Men: Brothel Visits are for Women Too!

Times are changing, and America’s attitude towards sex is too! With the 21st century came legalized marriage for LGBT couples, Trans Rights activism, and even polyamory making it into the news! Having always been the proverbial thermometer of sex trends, the Bunny Ranch has witnessed firsthand the shift in sexual desires. Couples are visiting in numbers like we have never seen before- oftentimes at the female partner’s request! This sexual freedom isn’t just for the married ladies; Single Women too are seeking out the services of Sex Workers! Being a bisexual sex worker, I’ve gotten to be involved and experience this shift for myself! The ranch isn’t just for boys anymore- my bedroom is absolutely open to the ladies too!

There are so many reasons why women seek the services of sex professionals like myself. In prior years, bisexuality wasn’t something you openly discussed, let alone explored. Countless women out there have felt the desire to be with another female, yet never have been able to have that experience. This is where I enter the picture. I’m not just experienced with sex; I’m also experienced with having sex with women. I love to please, and know exactly how to tease too. We’ll start off slow, and explore all those things you missed out on trying earlier in life! Having your first girl on girl experience at the ranch ensures your desires stay private, we go at your pace, and it’s 100% legal and safe.

Another commonality is married women who had a bi-sexual encounter years ago and regret not having that experience again since. Not a problem! Your husband is welcome to join us, and we can have a threesome all about you! If you prefer, he can watch the two of us either in person or digitally via Skype. If having him in the room with us is uncomfortable for you, he is welcome to wait in our spacious parlor or perhaps spend some quality time with another one of my friends. The options are limitless- you let me know what you have in mind, and I’ll make it happen. Let me take care of the details- you just worry about having a good time!

My bedroom is non discriminatory. I’m comfortable and eager to work with both Cis and Trans women, women of color, those who are genderqueer, etc. My focus is on making you feel welcomed, comfortable, relaxed, and pleasured. Our time together can be 100% sexually based, or we can incorporate a romantic element with a GFE experience. Doesn’t a spa day sound lovely? Pamper yourself, and let me help pamper you too! No one understands the female body quite like another female. I’d love to share myself with you, and would be honored for you to share yourself with me too. Let’s get to know each other better, and see where things go!


  1. Mark B Miller

    Very interesting. I’ve been trying to think of any of the women I’ve known in the past that would have gone with me to one of the ranches. I think one or two might have, but probably would not of had an experience with the girl. Then again, you don’t know until all 3 of us are in bed.

  2. Yummy

    Such a sweet person you are <3


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