Sex Education Vacation: A True Couple’s Retreat

by | February 22, 2018 | Couples | 3 comments

Sex Education Vacation: A True Couple’s Retreat


Sex Education with Alice Little

More than ever, couples are seeking new and innovative ways to infuse their love lives with passion, romance, and plenty of sex. 2018 has shown an exciting new sex trend emerging in the most interesting of locations, Nevada’s Legal Brothels. Sex workers like myself are receiving more inquiries now than ever about couples packages, threesome experiences, and couples sex retreats. Commonly I’m asked which package I recommend for couples seeking a unique sex retreat; the answer is a Sex Education Vacation.

What exactly does a Sex Education Vacation entail? Fantastic question! It’s the cherry-picked parts of romance, blended together with the best sex of your relationship. Remember the sweet relentless lovemaking you had at the beginning of your relationship? This vacation helps you to find those parts of your partner you fell in love with, but forgot to appreciate as time went on. There are countless reasons for couples to experience a change in their love life. Significant life events like children, job promotions, and age all impact how we interact with our partners. If you had the opportunity to turn back time and relive your favorite sexual memory, wouldn’t you want to share that gift with your partner?

I create an environment that allows you to do just that. We work together on relationship-strengthening exercises, and discuss how to better interact with our partner’s unique sexual preferences. Did you know that the majority of couples can’t tell you their partner’s favorite position? With an erotic sex ‘show and tell’ exercise, you get to learn so much more about how the two of you fit together. Adventurous couples can choose to add in erotic threesome encounters with a focus on his pleasure, her pleasure, or everyone’s pleasure. The safe and legal setting in Nevada brothels lets you relax and enjoy yourself because you know you’re playing safely.

Education isn’t a word we often associate with vacation. However, when it comes to learning more about our partners I can’t think of a better way to invest your quality time together. The moments you spend at the Bunny Ranch with me will continue to resonate and strengthen your connection with one another. By reliving old memories, we also create new memories that can be enjoyed moving forward. They give you something to talk about when you are in one another’s arms. Being a sex worker, I’ve had the privilege to share the bedroom with countless couples. I’ve learned many things about couples, sex, and relationships. It would be my pleasure to share that pleasure with you, and create the Sex Vacation of your dreams!


  1. joanne keller

    what a fantastic article alice! I think may be just the think my husband needs to get out of his funk.

  2. pete F

    if only I had a wife to enjoy this with! Maybe you’ll just have to pretend 😛

  3. Sam

    I know my wife well enough to be sure that I am not welcome to suggest anything like this.
    She’s my best friend, but this would not be something that she would consider.


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