Alice Little Erotic Massage

Touch is a universal language, so it’s no surprise that skilled touch can be adapted for erotic purposes (like massage) and facilitate a heightened state of arousal in those who enjoy it.

Erotic massage has been a part of history for hundreds of years, and it can be a great way to establish a connection with someone and increase bonding. In fact, if you were to travel back through time, you might see a doctor or two giving women erotic massages in order to help cure them of their “hysteria.” But beyond sexual release, erotic massage has many health benefits such as stress release and relief from muscle adhesion. If you’re looking to take your sex life up a notch, learn about erotic massage from a trained massage therapist. That’s where I come in! For those who weren’t already in the know, I’m a skilled massage therapist. If you’ve never experienced a full-body erotic massage, it’s definitely time to treat yourself.

Discover Your Partner’s Erogenous Zones Through Touch
I can give you a firsthand demonstration of the standard erogenous zones that will be very responsive to erotic massage. I’ll also walk you through the ways tempo, pressure, and intensity can help build the massage to an orgasmic conclusion. One such erogenous body part that is often overlooked is the feet. The feet are very sensual parts of the body and a real synecdoche for how humans experience sexuality. It takes the right type of pressure to engage the feet without tickling, which is often true of other parts of the body as well. And for the interminably ticklish, I have some tips to circumvent the giggles as well.

Erotic Massage for Couples
If you’re having trouble connecting, erotic massage can be a big help. Giving your partner an erotic massage means that you can bring them physical pleasure before you even think about bringing them sexual pleasure. The slow, deliberate process allows for an extended period of turn on, and in the end, sexual eruption. Erotic massage is a wonderful, hands-on way to learn which areas of your partner’s body respond most receptively to touch and pressure. This information gives you the power to create an intense sexual experience for them. Further, erotic massage offers you the opportunity to slow down and listen to your partner’s breath, which is an intrinsically sexy activity.

The Techniques Are Simple to Learn
There are a variety of different massage types and techniques you can try on your partner to see how they respond. For instance, the lingam massage focuses on phallic pleasure. During lingam massage, you can take the time to discover which spots on your partner’s penis are the most sensitive. Is it the glans? Or, if your partner has a foreskin, how do you incorporate that part? Don’t forget the testes, either.

Another kind of massage that works well on those with vulvas is the yoni massage. When you learn the art of yoni massage, you uncover the secrets of the sometimes-mystified female orgasm. You’ll discover the exact pressure, direction, and timing that your partner likes in order to have multiple orgasms. Yes, more than one! And speaking of multiple orgasms, erotic massage is often considered a gateway into tantric sex. If you haven’t heard of tantric sex before, the basic idea is incorporating a high-level of intimacy, awareness, and presence during a prolonged period of sensual interaction. Tantric sex involves breath awareness, a slow pace, and expectation-free sexual activity. It has a pretty huge following, and if you’re interested in finding out why, erotic massage is the first step you’ll want to take.

And what about nuru massage? This is a full body massage for both people involved. In essence, you are utilizing your entire body to massage the recipient’s full body. It’s a full-contact activity, and it’s highly erotic.

Don’t forget that your thumbs are some of the most powerful tools you have when creating an erotic massage experience for your partner. Thumbs are stronger than you think and can add pinpointed pressure to sore spots that need to loosen up. And when your thumbs get tired, don’t be afraid to move to the elbows. Elbows are excellent for fleshier parts of the body, like legs and lower back.

Give Some, Get Some
If you’re interested in getting a massage, oftentimes the best way to start that conversation is to offer your partner a massage first. Once they’ve been relaxed and spoiled, there’s a very low likelihood that they would deny you the same indulgence. Learning the art of erotic massage will not only benefit your partner and yourself, but it will also likely benefit your relationship as well. Check out my YouTube channel where I get into the specifics of erotic massage, and then book an appointment with me here as soon as you’re ready.