To my first time client, With Love

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Dear Future Client,

I’m so excited to get to connect with you! I have been in this profession for the past year and a half, and am very passionate about what it is I do. I provide you with companionship, friendship, empathy, and of course, sex. Meeting a new client for the first time is always exciting for me. There’s a few things I’d like you to know before our first time together, that will help enhance our time together.

1. It’s okay to say what you want

Is there a specific fantasy you have in mind, or a new position you want to try? Just ask! This encounter is about your pleasure- so it’s perfectly okay to be a bit selfish and plainly state what you’re looking for. This can include specific outfit requests, sex positions you’d like to try, Wearing my glasses, etc. For your first visit as my new client, I want to make your trip as perfect as possible. We can try anything you’d like to together- from BDSM, GFE, or even a Two Girl Party! Your pleasure is important to me, because of that I take the extra time needed before our party to discuss your desires. Either we can exchange emails, or spend additional time taking in my room- whichever you prefer!

2. It’s okay to be nervous

In fact, it’s expected! Think about it. You’ve never been here before, and we’ve yet to meet face to face. It can be intimidating meeting someone new, let alone meeting someone to have sex with them. It’s very normal to be nervous- my promise to you is that we will take our time, and not rush things. As a result of taking our time, many have found that their nerves dissipate once we meet in person. I want you to feel comfortable and be relaxed leading up to our encounter. It is especially relevant to point out that nervousness can affect sexual performance,  hence why I encourage you to communicate with me prior to our party.

3. It’s okay to ask questions

I’m sure you’ve got a number of different questions for me! How does this work, what does it cost, how did I end up in this profession, etc. I invite you to ask any and all questions, so long as you respectfully accept that there are some questions I may not be able to answer, or be willing to answer. Other then that? Ask away! As my client you’re always welcome to reach out to me directly via email- [email protected] 

As a result of this post, I hope your nerves are settled, and I hope you feel more comfortable planning out our time together! Leading up to our appointment, lets exchange emails, and get to know each other. One of the things I enjoy most about this career is the communication and connection. Feel free to share anything you’d like with me- why you’re visiting, what your favorite color is, what you’re most looking forward to about our time together. Most of all, I want you to know that I appreciate you for who you are.  My clients mean the world to me- I hope that comes through in this message.

With love,


  1. Shad Ibne Muax

    Dear Alice,

    Hope you are well.I have seen you on youtube today. After that I am thinking that you are the real alice the wonder ledy.You are so much beautiful with cute eye and lip as like rose.Now it will be my dream to meet you.

    With due respect to you I wish that you deserve a life where you have a good husband and little wonder baby who will call you,hey mama!

    Best wishes for you from my breathing heart which shouting loudly your name.

    Alice my love.


  2. Dwayne

    We first met on the message board in March and what made you different from everyone else was you took an interest in me asking me were I was from and if I had been to the Ranchers. Plus being a fellow redhead didn’t hurt. And that you were beautiful. I saw you on livestream and your bubbly personality and your energy blew me away. So when I came back in August I told Hollywood I want to meet you. And she made it happen now at first I had no intention of partying with you because of my own insecurities about myself. But after thinking about it you took time to come over to the Bunny Ranch I decided to have you join us in our party and you were everything as expected I can see why you win all these awards. Can’t wait to see you again


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