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by | November 20, 2017 | First Time | 9 comments

As a teenager, did you miss out on having your first date with a girl? Ever get to have a first kiss, or go to second base? There is no shame in being an Adult Virgin. In fact, you’d be surprised just how many others there are out there in the world who feel the same way that you do. Be it because you were shy, not confident, or simply weren’t interested, there is no reason you cannot have a First Date Experience as an adult!

For those that fit this demographic, I’ve created a unique offering and experience specifically with your needs in mind. Not only are you interested in having that first sexual encounter, but also in the romantic memories that most commonly accompany such an event. As a true romantic myself, it would be my pleasure to create the perfect evening for us to enjoy together.

I would love to take you out to one of my favorite restaurants for a private, candlelit dinner where we can share some drinks, good food, and great conversation. Hand in hand, we can chat about our favorite novels, or perhaps discuss a shared TV interest. Half the fun of a dinner out is sharing dessert, Lady and the Tramp style, letting our lips delicately meet across a shared bite. Afterwards, we can opt for a streetlight illuminated stroll downtown, enjoying the passing music and crisp Nevada air; we can hit an arcade for a more thrilling experience, laughing over racing games and ski-ball. A warm embrace, a few flirtatious phrases, and we’ll slip back to our shared suite for the main event.

Sex is so much more than just the physicality- there’s the emotionality too! Fingertips tracing over curves, meeting and pressing against wet lips. Hands wandering, wondering, exploring each other passionately and organically. I whisper ‘here’, and guide your hand to my breast, taking us further and further into each other’s atmospheres. Romance blossoms, legs spread and bodies meet- passionately entwining and disappearing into one another.


  1. harrison

    What a great post- thanks so much for posting this! I’ll be emailing you soon to set up a first date experience with you.

  2. Chris

    Alice, this blog post is incredible and exactly what I am looking for. Dealing with numerous medical issues growing up and meeting all the wrong women, I’ve never been on a genuine, first date nor shared an intimate experience with someone. I am a true romantic at heart and would love to connect with you, not just physically, but, moreso, emotionally.

  3. D'terrace

    This is so lovely…wow. you put alot of thought into this one.

  4. Josh

    My romantic life in a nut shell. Would love to learn more and gain a connection

  5. Scottie March Hare

    Alice you just have a wonderful way of elaborating common life experiences and circumstances or as in the case of this blog the lack of life experiences for one who would feel like one has missed out. Then you craft a way to fill that void in one’s life and make dreams come true. Who else can do this?
    You are truly a gifted communicator and pinnacle of psychosocial mentor!!!!!!!!~~~~~?

  6. little eddie

    Very well written Alice. I could picture the moments vividly. Sure wish it were possible for me to experience it all.

  7. Adalid Cruz

    This pretty much describes me what I want to do with a girl that does this. Didn’t know I would find a girl like you. 27 years old only dated once it went horribly wrong and I just want to find a romantic, beautiful personality n loves to have fun!

  8. Robert M {DrMcCoy or Little Robbie}

    I want to do this and explore MORE of YOU and go to The Ranch? But I’m NOT handsome nor Wealthy? If I could do this with you? I hope It’s NOT rushed? I have some mental hangups I’m trying to work on & overcome?

  9. little Robbie M.

    I hope sometime this Spring/Summer/fall? I can travel to you & meet you? and experience new sensationsActivities? I just don’t know what I can afford? with Airfare/Car rental Hotel/Motel fees?


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