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GFE, otherwise known as the Girlfriend Experience is the most commonly requested type of party by the many virgins that choose to share their first experience with me! For me, it’s very important that your first time is one that you treasure and remember fondly. My goal is to make exactly that happen for you! When planning out how you want to lose your virginity, consider adding in GFE. We will get to share a depth of intimacy and connection that simply isn’t possible with most other encounters.

Connection is crucial when losing your virginity. It’s natural to be nervous your first time. You have no idea what to expect, or what to do. You’ve tried to do some research online, and came across me as a potential solution to your virginity problem. Please, allow me to make your first time unforgettable! You can expect to have a much better experience when working with a professional, not to mention it’s the safest option too! You’ll never be judged by me for your lack of experience, and are free to ask any questions that you have. It gives me great pleasure to teach you how to pleasure me!

Many virgins have not had the opportunity to go on a real date. Let’s take advantage of our time together, and further the experience by going out together! We can start with a romantic dinner out, so we have time to talk and get to know each other. By going out first, it gives your nerves a chance to settle so you can relax and enjoy our time together. After dinner we can go for a walk, out to a movie, or even check out the local arcade and play some games!

Once we make it back to the bedroom, you can expect that we will take our time and go at your pace. If you’re ready to explore things intimately, we can proceed to the bedroom and let nature take its course. If you need a bit more time, we can instead turn to the massage room and indulge in some full body relaxation. You’ll never be rushed with me, or pressured to ‘do the deed’. When you’re ready is when I’m ready- you dictate the pace.

When we do arrive to the bed, I want to go slow. We can undress each other sensually, getting comfortable with the other’s body. Foreplay is an experience unto itself, and one that I want you to enjoy. Soft kisses, gentle touches, fingertips tracing down the other’s back- relaxed and sensual. Our bodies entwine and meet, passionate kisses and sweet lovemaking.

Every encounter is unique, because each person is unique. What activities ignite your interest? It’s important to me that you feel comfortable, so I always invite those that are interested in sharing their virginity with me to contact me at [email protected] so we get to know one another, and plan out our date!


  1. Lawrence

    What an amazing blog! I might not be a virgin at this point in my life. But I grew up very socially awkward, and it took a long time to find myself in life. To think there was a way to learning about myself more. With a companion who was very consideration of the situation. That would have helped me a lot when I was younger. I am very happy to hear that you help “virgins” with their first time.

  2. Josh Downham

    Losing my virginity to you would be AMAZING. Still prepping my body and budget. Then I’ll finally be able to get my ass over there.

  3. jgroth

    i wish my first time had been better! this sounds so nice

  4. Frank

    i love how much thought you put into your blogs- very nice.

  5. Aaron

    Interesting blog on GFE. You seem compassionate toward the men who find their virginity problematic for the myriad of reasons, such as sociocultural, religious oppression and society that promote sexual repression.

    You are unlike many escorts who emphasize doing the quick deed and then leave with haste. May you gain the fortune from the business that comes with your service, to assure the opportunity for the men to lose their virginity with the easy route provided that they have the money to afford your services.

    To the inexperienced or virgin men who read this blog: Please make the time and travel plan to arrange the date with Miss Alice when you have the confidence and money to do so, at Moonlight Bunny Ranch. She is unlike any other when it comes to treating and curing the “virgin syndrome.” Think of Miss Alice as the sexiest doctor who could also double as the nurse and sex therapist.

  6. ty66853

    You always write so beautifully- this is why you’re my favorite Alice. you just simply are the best in every way possible. brains, beauty, and brilliant! any man you spend time with feels like a million bucks after. I can’t wait for our next date; maybe we can pretend its our first date and you can give me a GFE virgin experience?


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