The Top 5 Sexiest Bedroom Moves, as told by a Sex Worker

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The Top 5 Sexiest Bedroom Moves

You think you’ve got the moves in bed? Let me give you a few more to add to your repertoire. Sex is my expertise, and I’d love to share with you some things I’ve learned that are guaranteed to make your partner squirm with pleasure.  Give them a try next time you’re with me here at Sagebrush Ranch, or at home with your partner. They’ll spice up your sex life dramatically!

#1 Undress your partner

Sounds simple enough, right? Unfortunately, most people take off their partner’s clothes like they were shucking corn. And while that can be fun sometimes, try taking a few extra minutes to slowly remove each article of clothing from your partners body with your hands, mouth, and teeth. Take your time, and let your fingertips brush over the bare skin you expose, and use your lips to explore every inch of flesh you uncover. This is a sure way to elicit excitement, pleasure, and sexual energy that’s going to make you both go wild between the sheets!

#2 Say their Name

Speak it, moan it, scream it, whisper it – however you do it, keep their name on your lips throughout intercourse and you’re going to make your partner grin from ear to ear. By repeating their name, you help reinforce that you’re active and engaged as well as focused on them, and them alone. It lets them know that they are turning you on!

#3 Foreplay and more Foreplay

Skin-to-skin contact is so under utilized in sex. We naturally want to dive right in, and get to the good part. But let me tell you, if you slow things down and warm your partner up, they’re going to be quivering with desire and want by the time you get going. Trace your fingers slowly down your partners sides. Tease their inner thighs with your lips. Kiss your way down their neck, chest, and stomach. The denial of sensation can sometimes be as noticeable as the sensation itself.  Start touching, and then stop. Wait… then begin again. You’ll notice a much greater reaction. It’s fun discovering all the fun ways to make your partner react!

#4 It doesn’t end at the big O

Things don’t end with an orgasm! Keep contact with your partner through kissing, cuddling, and touching them as you ride things down. Perhaps join them for an erotic shower afterwards, and enjoy the lovely endorphin high after good sex. Keep the good sensations coming, and you’ll prolong your mutual pleasure. And if one of the partner’s hasn’t climaxed yet, the sex isn’t done!

#5 Be Confident in Yourself

Believe that you are the sexiest person on earth and you will be in your partners eyes. When you enter the bedroom feeling confident in yourself, your body, and your sexual abilities, you’ll perform much better! Love yourself just the way you are because to your lover, you are perfection personified.

Want to take the time to practice your new sex moves with me or learn how to gain confidence in the bedroom? A Sexploration Party would be the perfect option to get the hands-on time you’re looking for! Simply email me at [email protected] to start planning our time together today!

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