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by WmillerBB618 on Blank Business Name
best backrub ever

I've been seeing alice for a few months now and i kept reading about her Erotic Massages. Finally i asked if we could try one during our next party- and she offered to do one better, and started working on my shoulders right there and then. If her erotic massages are even half as good as that back rub was, i'll be wanting one every time!

An experience that transcends words

I just finished what has been one of the most amazing visits with Alice I could have imaged. Now, I sit here ready to write a glowing endorsement of one of the most amazing women you will ever meet, and think to myself… I hope my writing skills are as polished has hers. That just goes to show you, Alice is such an intelligent, thoughtful, and kind person you will find yourself connecting with her on many different levels.She has amazing insight into building true connections with those people lucky enough to spend time with her. It shows up in the endless little things she does to make you feel comfortable, and without a hesitation, I say you will truly be her only focus when you spend time with her. I count myself fortunate enough to have a long-extended time with Alice, and from beginning to end, she created a comfortable environment. You will never feel like she is watching the clock, distracted by her cell phone, or any of the many other mental rabbit holes people go down these days the minimize the human connections. From the first minute to the last, she works tireless to understand your feelings, your emotions, what makes you happy, and how she can fill your every desire.Now I am sure you are reading this saying, hey what about the party, well don't for a second worry about that, but it is the true kindness that will take you to a different level when you reach the peak of pleasure you are searching for. That connection, created only by someone that has a golden heart and the pride to be the best at whatever she does, is the bridge to a place few people get to experience.I will say, time with Alice is going to leave your mind spinning. Every sense you have will be alive. You will walk away thinking about those tiny delicate hands wrapped around you (any way you could imagine), that warm sweat body snuggling up in the safety of your arms, you could drown in depths of her eyes, get lost on the curves of her body, and the scent of her will linger long after she leaves the room. She knows how to explore you and find those special spots that make your entire body tingle, make your breathing quicken, and she will love on you until you think that your heart jump will out of your chest… driving you over the edge and leaving you spinning with pleasure.I am heading back to life, knowing that I have gotten to spend time with someone that truly is amazing. You can also get a taste of that, and trust me, you want to savor every last drop of the sexual energy and mental stimulation Alice has to offer. Nothing last forever, so don't waste time thinking, make it happen, you will be a better person for the time you spend with Alice.Alice this is all for you; till we get another chance to bond and spend time together, from that one customer that tries just as hard as you to make every experience unforgettable and setting the bar so high only those truly dedicated can get over it. To your passion, hard work, intelligence, and oh so amazing body I salute you. Now where is that 10 Star rating button, this computer is broken it only goes up to 5

by Jared & Kate on Blank Business Name
Couples review

We recently saw alice at the bunny ranch for a couples date. This was our first time and we were both a little bit shy and nervous. We've never opened up our marriage before so Kate was a little bit worried about how she would feel.Alice took the time to make sure that everything we did together didn't make either of us uncomfortable, which we really appreciated. As she put it- this is for everyones pleasure.We wanted to leave a review to let other people know alice really is just as fabulous as everyone says she is. We had a bunch of fun!

seeing little ms.little

i booked an appointment with alice for early January, as I wanted to enjoy some skiing. The snow never did arrive so i instead decided to make my vacation all about ms.little! she really is something special. I've seen other working girls before but no one's ever made me feel quite as special as alice does. Can't wait for my next visit babe!

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