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Alice in VA City

Alice in Virginia City

This is my review after my second adventure with Alice. There are so many words out there, but my Alice experiences cannot be captured by mere words. But words are all I have, so I will just do the best I can to describe my time with Alice.

Captivating is only one word to describe what I first thought upon meeting her. She was a petite wonder with deep, thoughtful eyes, beautiful flowing hair, and sumptuous lips. She just radiates as if the rays of the sun shining brightly upon the earth. I found myself completely free and utterly lost in the unconfined gloriousness of the moments we shared.

Upon my first visit with Alice, I was nervous about going out on a date as it had been ages since I went on a date. We held hands and began to talk. She calmed my nervousness and had just an amazing capacity to put me at ease. That's when I truly realized what a special person Alice was.

So we ventured to Virginia City for our date. She is very passionate about the place and was an excellent guide. Holding hands, the kisses, the truly warm companionship were all so incredible. Alice is genuine, vivacious, and just plain fun to be with. She is the kind of person who can just light up a room with her mere presence. She was so intuiative about what I needed. The day was relaxing, entertaining, and I learned a lot. I found out that she is just as crazy about rocks and cemeteries as I am. The day can only be described as remarkable. And to finish it off, we had a fine dinner at Adele's. Looking across the table at that wonderful smile and sneaky little grin is an amazing thing to behold.

Back at the ranch, I can't go into details, but my time with her was intensely intimate.
My Alice adventure was an epic tale of two lovers intertwined in all their consciences and bodily inertia. She took me to a place one would think unimaginable. Afterwards, I felt so invigorated.

Our time together awakened me and created a lasting vision and moment that will be cherished for a lifetime. There is one thing better than spending time with Alice.......that's doing it all over again.

by Jacob Edwards on Blank Business Name
Hiking Through Wonderland

On my latest work trip slash pilgrimage I once again got to go see my wonderful little Alice.

After the fun we had last time I decided to start my day with Alice the same way as last time and we went to La Bakery where Alice again had cannoli. It was nice we mainly just chatted and caught up with each other. I’ve said it before and I know others have too but one thing I really like about Alice is that she’s real and interested in talking with you. Sometimes conversations with the girls feels a bit like a rote session at the therapist where they just ask endless follow up questions on what you last said but Alice actually responds and shares and is part of the conversation.

We grabbed some treats to go and then our adventure began. I live in the Pine Barrens and if you’re ever in New Jersey check it out its some of the best hiking on the east coast beautiful forests with interesting sites including some types of trees that are only in this area. Alice is always posting beautiful pictures from Lake Tahoe so I decided we needed to go adventuring there.

Alice knows all the fun spots in town but she also knows great trails. It was a lot of fun hiking and the view of the mountains and the lake were wonderful and made all the better for being a backdrop for Alice. We stopped for treats out on this great spot looking down over the lake also some pretending we were still high school kids. After some fun around the lake we headed back to the Ranch. I won’t go into details but since we were hiking there was some time in the hot tub to relax our muscles and some mutual foot rubbing then then things just went wild for a bit.

We went for an early dinner at a sushi place nearby and geeked out a bit about the Wonder Woman movie and nearly went to see it together but decided instead to go back to her room. We watched American Gods together cause I missed the last episode. I asked kind of impulsively about maybe seeing Charlie Daze for the end of the evening cause they’ve been posting pictures together and look fun and I’d love to experience that. Unfortunately things didn’t line up for that to happen so I’ll have to plan it out for the next time. Alice and I had fun just by ourselves and then I sadly had to leave.

As always I drive away from Wonderland and even though I’m back home on the east coast I still feel like I haven’t really left Wonderland.

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

Last Monday evening, I had to visit one of my failing students, Alice, in her dorm room (she couldn't make my office hours). After some negotiations regarding "extra credit", Alice was able to take my exam (Alice probably knows me better as Professor J... don't you my dear?).We had a great time putting a little bit of a "kinky twist" on the traditional student / professor role play. Alice, I can't imagine any of my students putting more of an effort into the "oral" portion of my exam. PS: Thank you so much for the massage. It was phenomenal.

by Charle McClendon on Blank Business Name
Who would have thought

Let me start off with, I'm still a little out of breath.
Oh my, I meet Alice Little at the World Famous Moonlite Bunnyranch.
I walked in and this beautiful petite red head with fire in her eyes walked in and lined up with a number of beautiful woman. I was immediately attracted to her. Luckily I was able to get a drink with her and talk. I was in for more than one surprise this evening. She was amazing, such a fantastic conversation, flirting back and forth, laughing, and lots of chemistry.
After a while, we retired back to her room. We talked much more openly about what I was hoping for this evening. She was a complete professional, and very encouraging. We decided on how to spend our time together, took care of the “business” side of things, and retired to a stunning VIP suite.
We started off simple and slow. She is an amazing kisser! From there I can only describe it as, the fire was light. The passion she had was overwhelming, and I couldn’t wait to rise to the challenge. We spent the evening wrestling back and forth for control. Each of us giving into the other only for a moment before trying to wrestle control away from the other. It was beyond anything I could ever have expected. She was so smaller than me, yet so strong, fierce, and did I mention passionate!

Afterwards she was so sweet, soft, gentle, and sweet. As we laid there with her in my arms. I couldn’t believe this beautiful tiny woman, was just this fierce tiger. But it all felt so right, and so satisfying. I have never experience such a great thing with anyone before. What a day to remember, and an ever more spectacular woman to remember forever!
She walked me out afterwards, holding onto my arm, and gave me a sweet soft kiss goodbye.

Couldn’t ask for anything more!

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