As schoolgirl, this little courtesan can be quite naughty

Schoolgirl role-play is a common request from my clients. Why is it so popular? It combines conjuring the innocence of youth with fond memories of coming of age—a very sexual time for some. The incongruity of something as wholesome as a schoolgirl combined with the revealing outfits is a genuinely arousing aesthetic. The psychological dichotomy that takes place during this time—shedding innocence, experiencing sexual feelings and behaviors, whether alone or with someone else—is not hot because it reminds my clients of underage girls. It’s hot because there is a fun power play occurring and because it reminds us of our younger selves, who were sometimes more open to experimentation, in less of a rush, and not so cynical. We get to re-imagine what authority, control, and rebellion look like in a sexual context that is sometimes viewed as taboo.

I love theater; in fact, I was an actress in high school, and I even got the chance to do a couple of off-Broadway plays! Role-play is such a fun way to bring fantasies to life using that background, and playing a schoolgirl is one of my favorite ways to experiment with my clients. I consider it a specialty. I love schoolgirl role-play so much that I keep three different costumes on hand for the experience! Getting in character is an integral part of role-play.

When I think of schoolgirls, I think of pigtails, thigh-high stockings, short skirts, Mary Jane shoes, or maybe a binder or a lollipop for good measure. An important reminder: you can dress up, too! We could coordinate costumes. The more elements of reality we add to the role-play, the hotter the experience is. I describe myself as a sapiosexual, meaning that I am primarily attracted to people’s minds. So, the more creativity and imagination we can add to our time together, the more erotic it will be for both of us.

Let’s Do Some Homework Beforehand
Talking about what you want from a schoolgirl role-play session in advance is a great way to make sure the experience is hot, hot, hot. The more information I have about what you like and what you’re interested in, the easier it will be for me to create an experience tailored just for you. What exactly turns you on about this fantasy? Is there a common theme between this and other fantasies that you get the most mileage from? These are important considerations, and the answers can really shed some insight into the inner workings of your sexuality.

But what we really need to decide before we get started is the nature of our roles.

Hot for Teacher: Some Take-Home Examples
There are many ways to execute a schoolgirl role-play experience. Maybe I am an honor-roll, overachieving student who needs a little extra credit from the professor. You can be the tenure-track professor: smart, domineering, with a lot to lose if we happen to get caught. Maybe you’re wearing a bowtie and some spectacles. I’ll just need a little help from you in order to get into my profession of choice, and I’m willing to do whatever is necessary to get there. You can give me specific instructions on how to perform my very first blowjob, or you can be surprised at what a natural I am.

At the other end of the spectrum, perhaps I’ve been a naughty student and am facing serious trouble with the school’s administration. With a ruler in hand and a tweed blazer, you’re ready to teach me a lesson that’s not exactly in the curriculum. I’ve violated the dress code for the last time, or my grades are in such dire straits that the consequences will be monstrous. Maybe I’ve teased you enough that you’re finally going to do something about it. You’re the no-nonsense teacher who has put me in detention, but I just know you’ll show me some compassion if I can offer you something in return. What exactly would you want in exchange?

Or perhaps the circumstances are a little more extreme. You’re the principal, and this is my last shot at staying in school; the teachers have had it with my conduct. This time, a little spanking is in order. Once you bend me over and teach me a lesson, we’re both ready for a little bit more. And if you’re interested, we can explore more than just corporal punishment. BDSM is one of my specialties!

Maybe we are both students at the same school, and I’m the schoolgirl who is relentlessly getting you into trouble by passing sexy notes with you in class, spreading my legs under the table to see if you peek at my underwear, and brushing up against you in the hallway. Let’s sneak off into an abandoned classroom together for a fun tryst; hopefully, the teacher won’t catch us. Or, maybe we want the teacher to find us, and one of my friends at the ranch can plan to join in and administer some discipline at just the right moment!

These scenarios are just scratching the surface – I’d love to hear what you have in mind for our date. I’m ready to make your fantasies come true, so let’s get started planning!