The Ins and Outs of Roleplaying

There is not doubt that roleplaying is one of the best ways to spice up any relationship or sexual experience. Through acting and imagination, it enables people to dive into some of their most intriguing sexual fantasies. By taking on a different role, it gives people the opportunity to momentarily break free from the confinements of reality. Most importantly, it enables people to experience the naughty pleasures of a particular tabooed scenario and indulge things that are “culturally forbidden”. The enriching experience of role-play thrives upon the familiar saying of, “we want to try things we cannot have”.

While some people are hesitant to try roleplaying, it can be extremely fun and erotic. Believe or not, most people have at least one or more fantasy-role idealizations or taboo situations that they would like to indulge in! So how exactly does a person or couple go about role-playing?

The key to role-playing is being creative and planning what kind of scenario to engage in. Each scenario selected will bring about different types of dialogue and activities, which is where the fun lies as you’ll read in just a bit. As each scenario changes, so too does the language and play change. However, deciding what scenario to try trumps a lot of people and is why many do not ever get around to role-play! Allow me to provide some great role-play scenarios and tips!

The first and one of my personal favorite role-play scenarios is the teacher-and-student. It is a societal taboo for obvious reasons. However, I’m sure that many people have some hot teachers they secretly fantasized about back in college or high school! There are a few dynamics that could be set-up in this role-play scenario. The first dynamic is when the student is the “dominant” or “forward” character that teases and sexually provokes the teacher. This would go along the lines of, “Oh teacher, I want a little more than an A-… could you help me out with that and I’ll give you a……!” The second dynamic could be when the dominant character is the teacher. The teacher could lean into the student and say, “I want to see you after class in detention. You’ve been a VERY BAD little girl.” The student could then pretend to sit on the desk, spread their legs and reply, “Oh teacher, I’ve been so bad, why don’t you show me how to be good?” A third dynamic could be a principal-and-student dynamic where the principal disciplines the student. In this case, the principal could spank the student, which opens the floor for more kink and BDSM play.

The second scenario is doctor-and-nurse. This is a professional ethics-and-conduct type of taboo that spurs a lot of sexual curiosities. Given that people give doctors and nurses so much “access” to their bodies, it is inevitable to wonder what it would be like if the situation in the check-up room got hot and sexy! With this scenario, medical tools can actually be used to stimulate pleasure and orgasm, which we call “medical kink”. Here at the Bunny Ranch, there is actually a medical doctor’s office on-site that is used to provide routine health examinations. The room is equipped with an examination table, stirrups and other equipment that can actually be used for the purpose of this type of role play! To further spice things up, a third partner could be introduced to the scenario. The characters could be a doctor, nurse, and patient. It could also be two nurses and a patient, a doctor, and two patients, or two nurses and a patient!

A third possible scenario of role play is cosplay. Cosplay means that you act as a specific character from a specific series or cartoon. This could range from cartoon characters such as Sailor Moon to Pokemon or The Simpsons. Video game characters are also great for role play such as Zelda, Red Redemption and Fortnite. It could even be superheroes from Marvel and DC such as Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, The Hulk, and so forth. A scenario can be with The Hulk and Wonder Woman who says to The Hulk, “Why don’t you SMASH me HARD”. Cosplay is not confined to one particular genre or series; characters can be cross-referenced. For instance, you may pretend to be Wonder Woman tying up the Black Panther.

Just to clarify, roleplaying is different from costume dress-up. In roleplaying, both parties must act and be in the frame-of-mind of the character that they have dressed up as. However, wearing a costume simply means that you could be dressed as a character but does not necessarily mean you are acting or pretending to be that particular character.

Before role-play, it is crucial to examine what it is about the scenario that turns you on or what aspect of it that you want to enjoy. Communication is also vital as you discuss questions such as: what does each partner want? What is the deeper sense of fantasy? At which point in the encounter should the emphasis be placed? It is also vital to ensure that both partners are equally engaged and can keep acting and dialogue going. For those who struggle to get into character, I advise for you to develop a script of the scenario in your head and walk yourself through it while practicing in front of a mirror.

Of course, it is evident that if you really did have sex with your student or family member in real life you will face some dire consequences! But, because role-play is just acting, you will be able to experience many of your fantasies without the unwanted life consequences. It’s safe and will enable you to indulge in as much kink and be as naughty as you wish! There are a ton of other scenarios such as the secretary and boss, pizza delivery boy and customer, master and slave, maid and homeowner, repairman and homeowner, sports coach and athlete, and the list goes on! Now it is time for you to get kinky and creative. Go try them all out and make sure to include sexy lingerie with the costumes!

I love doing roleplaying parties! If you’re interested in playing out your favorite scenario with me, you can reach me here to book a date.