To make sure that 2020 is off to the best start possible, why not incorporate some sex toys into your life? Yes, male-oriented sex toys are often stigmatized. But if you don’t have any, I guarantee you’re missing out. What if this is the year you’re destined to have your very first prostate orgasm? Don’t let some socially constructed pride get in the way of the final frontier of your sexual pleasure.

First things first: put any shame or fear you’ve associated with your anus and prostate on pause. You don’t need that anymore; new year, new you. No version of toxic masculinity is going to stand in the way of your erotic gratification. Invest in yourself by checking out the best sex toys for him, as I’ve selected below.


Loverbeby’s Prostate Massager

This toy is a lot of fun. One strap goes around the base of your penis; the other goes around your balls to hold it in place. The rest gets covered (and I mean covered) in lube and inserted into your anus. Try out the Loverbeby prostate massager’s various settings to see which one is your perfect fit.

Want something a little less intimidating? Try Loverbeby’s vibrating anal beads, which begin teeny-tiny and are great for beginners. Don’t worry about pain—just use lube. If it feels uncomfortable, use more lube. If it feels comfortable, maybe still use more lube. Lube is the key. Anal beads are especially fun if you use them as a sort of ripcord during orgasm (meaning, pull them out when you’ve started to come). You will seriously be mad at yourself that you didn’t try this years ago. Pro-tip: after sterilizing the anal beads, try them out on a partner!


Honey Adult Vibrating Butt Plug

If you’ve never tried inserting a butt plug while you’re masturbating or having sex with a partner, I’ve already figured out what your new year’s resolution should be: to remedy that. The butt plug adds so many sensations, and it’s great for you or your partner. The Honey Vibrating Butt Plug is body-safe, waterproof, and hypoallergenic. Plus, this massager charges fast, so it’s ready when you are. More advanced backdoor enthusiasts may want to try the Honey Prostate Massager, which is a bit larger and targets the prostate for an intense orgasm.



Sex dolls—they are here to stay. And they actually make great companions for people who are interested in a lifelike, fully customizable sex toy. They have many points of entry, including the mouth, vagina, and anus. Plus, sex dolls help to avoid death grip syndrome, which prevents a lot of men from being able to have orgasms with partners. So, this toy is actually a pretty healthy addition to your masturbation routine and can help keep you sensitive enough to enjoy partnered sex.

For people who are nervous about the taboo fetishes they have playing throughout their minds, sex dolls can be a source of sexual satisfaction—but also of relief. You don’t have to worry about judgment or doing something illegal; you can simply try out your fantasy with your sex doll. After some practice, you’ll be good to go with living, consenting partners, if that’s your next step.



Maybe at first lube doesn’t seem like a sex toy. But, if you’re not using lube during masturbation, incorporating some into your routine is a great way to increase your pleasure. Lube is important for satisfying sex and masturbation. Lube helps you have a slippery surface for penetration or for friction that you’ve created with your hand. Either way, you’re protected from chafing, which is a serious turn-off. Having lube on hand is a great way to ensure you’re ready for nearly any sexual encounter that comes your way in the new year. Don’t be caught without it.

Keep in mind that silicone lubricants shouldn’t be used in tandem with silicone toys. Don’t use hybrid lubes with condoms, either. You can play with flavors if you’re interested in trying something new.



Yes, CBD (cannabidiol) is so crucial it gets its own category even though it’s not technically a sex toy. CBD is such a clutch ingredient to have on hand if you experience performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, or other disorders that make penetrative sex difficult. CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the marijuana plant, so it helps you relax without ruining your next drug test. My favorite brand is the Science of Life brand of CBD. If you are nervous about trying it or want some pointers, get in touch with me and we can plan a CBD-based sexual education experience.

Bonus: Sleeves

Many men have experienced and will experience erectile dysfunction (ED) once or several times in their lives. In most cases, ED is temporary and treatable. Getting and sustaining an erection may be challenge while undergoing treatment, but the good news is that there are sex toys that will help him keep it up for a mutually satisfying roll in the sheets.

Penis sleeves, also known as cock sheaths, can help him achieve and maintain an erection and fuel your wild fantasies. These sex toys come in many shapes, colors, sizes, and textures, and some even have vibrating features. Penis sleeves may just be what you’re looking for to spice up your sex life, whether he has ED or not.

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