The Ultimate Love Language Quiz

by | January 27, 2020 | 11 comments

Understanding your love language (and your partner’s, if applicable) can make a huge difference in your relationship. Though many people instinctively show love in the way they feel it, it’s more important to show love to the people who are important to you in a way that makes them feel loved. Basically, your efforts will count double if they are thoughtful and target someone’s love language, because they will feel cared for in the way that’s most accessible to them. Take our quiz (and, while you’re at it, think really carefully about how your loved ones would answer the same questions if you can), and you can say goodbye to A-for-effort, lackluster birthday gifts, celebrations, and other ways you care for the VIPs in your life.

1) Choose a birthday celebration that would make you feel seen and celebrated:

A: Coming home to a clean house and a dinner that smells amazing

B: A full body massage from your sweetheart

C: A thoughtful gift that shows how well your friends know you

D: Going away for the weekend with your friends—and having their undivided attention

E: A sweet and hilarious birthday haiku about how much you mean to them


2) If you’re fighting with someone, what’s the quickest way they could make it up to you?

A: Taking on a chore or a work project they know you hate, so you get some downtime

B: An apology-filled, extended hug

C: A surprise gift left on your doorstep

D: Going somewhere quiet for coffee, so that you can both talk it through

E: An apology letter that shows they understand how they hurt you, and how they plan to change


3) Pick a date that, if your partner planned, would mean the world to you:

A: A DIY date. Cross something off of your to-do list together, like painting that closet a fun color, or finally put together those IKEA shelves with the intimidating instructions. Turn on some music and have a blast making your own version of HGTV. Pro-tip: bring a homemade dessert, too.

B: Salsa lessons, where you spend the night up close and personal in a super romantic way.

C: Painting some pottery, with a twist: you each have to paint something specifically for the other person, so you both go home with a personalized, one-of-a-kind gift!

D: Camping. No phones, no computers, just nature and great conversation.

E: Dedicating a song to them at karaoke, which you then sing, off-key or not. This only works if they find one where the lyrics perfectly describe your relationship, or how they feel about you.

4) What scenario would make you feel closest to your friends?

A: When they know I’m super busy, so they picked up some groceries for me while they were at the store.

B: Sitting close to them—perhaps during Netflix minus the chill.

C: Going hiking, but they gather wildflowers throughout to make you a pretty bouquet.

D: The nights where you’re having so much fun playing a game or chatting that you can’t believe it’s somehow 3 am.

E: A text where they tell me exactly how much of a badass I am.


5) The quickest way to get on your bad side is:

A: If someone doesn’t help out, even though they know you need it.

B: Creating needless physical distance.

C: Forgetting to buy you a thoughtful birthday present.

D: Scrolling on their phone while you’re talking.

E: Saying something sarcastic and critical.


6) Something that you would find particularly hot during your intimate time is:

A: They devote a night entirely to your pleasure. No reciprocating!

B: Extra cuddling, foreplay, and lingering touches—all the way through the experience.

C: A sexy box left on your pillow, perhaps a new cock ring or vibrator for the two of you to play with together.

D: Trying an erotic meditation together, so that you’re both as focused and mindful as possible!

E: Seriously sensual dirty talk.

Mostly As:

If you got mostly As, then your love language is acts of service. You’re a busy person, and getting practical help means that the people in your circle are listening and take the time to make your life just a little bit easier.


Mostly Bs:

If you got mostly Bs, then your love language is physical touch. You’re flooded with so many endorphins when someone gives you a pat on the back, the best kind of hug, and during sex.


Mostly Cs:

If you got mostly Cs, then your love language is gifts. It’s not the price tag that matters, it’s the thought behind the gift—and that your friends see you and know who you are, and that’s how they picked out that perfect gift.


Mostly Ds:

If you got mostly Ds, then your love language is quality time. Doing something memorable together means the most to you, so you love board game night, road trips, and long talks about nothing in particular.


Mostly Es:

If you got mostly Es, then your love language is words of affirmation. You love to hear that you’re loved, whether it’s your partner bragging about you at work, or your best friend telling a story about how amazing you are.

My Love Language Is Coffee

If you watch my Youtube channel, then you already knew that. Email me at [email protected], and I can plan a date for us based on your love language!


  1. Jim Steele

    Nice article Alice. You have a knack to make people, especially us guys, stop and think about what really matters in making a good relationship even better!

    • Alice Little

      Thank you so much, Jim! I love having that impact on you 🙂

  2. Cheri'

    That was interesting and fun to read. Thanks for some more ideas..☕♥️

  3. John Casey

    Thanks for the test. The answers were not what I expected.

  4. Stephen J Savage

    I love the Article Alice, and when I took it my answer was Mostly Ds my 2nd is Bs, and I am still working on getting the tattoo I told I was getting and THANKS FOR BEING A GREAT LADY

  5. Phil

    I had mostly D with B as a secondary, I really enjoy your live shows and of course your Beautiful Smile

  6. David Hack

    Hey Alice, just saw your latest YouTube video and took your ‘Love Language’ test, and found that I’m mostly in the ‘B’ range! There’s someone in California that I’m texting right now, and I think she would like what you suggest.

  7. William R Van Houten

    Alice, you are a joy to listen to. Some day when you leave this job, you will make someone one wonderful companion!

    • Alice Little

      I can make someone a wonderful companion while in this job, silly!

      • Denver

        I wish you were my companion!

  8. Bill

    What does one do when one’s love language is not aligned with h his I


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