Late Checkout

I’m continuing my very popular promotion! The fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down! Let’s keep the energy flowing and our bodies moving all night long! Let’s enjoy a passionate night together until we finally cuddle up in each other’s arms for sleep. Of course, no overnight encounter is complete without breakfast in bed! There is nothing I enjoy more than getting to spend the night cuddled up with you- Especially when we get to sleep in and relax!
For my overnight guest who has another appointment on my books in the next three months (you already have another visit on my books with at least a $750 deposit as your 10%), I’m offering my version of a ‘late check out’. I will extend our time until noon the next day, so we can sleep in and wake up when we are ready, have some morning fun, and then breakfast together! This is the perfect way to end a prolonged experience together.

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