October through December Travel Special

Travel Promotion

I wanted to offer a special deal to my friends and website visitors. If you’ve always wanted to visit, but could never justify the flight cost, I am offering a flight package deal for my fans at a distance who are interested in spending a whole weekend with me!

When you call the ranch to make an appointment and put down your 10% deposit of your expected budget, if the deposit is at least $1,000* and you make it at least 3 weeks before you intend to visit, I will personally pay for your airfare and arrange transport to and from the airport for you (the deposit is not refundable)!

If you’re a local wanting to take advantage of the deal, instead I will personally treat for a luxury hotel room at one of the local casinos, that way you get to take advantage of a deal as well!

For more details or questions about this promotion, just write me at [email protected] or use the contact form on my site!

Remember: aside from putting 10% of your expected budget ($1,000* for this deal) as a non-refundable deposit, we cannot talk about prices or money until you are at the ranch, this is the law.

Please write me an e-mail about your dream encounter and let’s cross some items off your bucket list!

~Alice <3

*-$2,000 for international visitors


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I personally respond to all email inquiries- please do not hesitate to contact me today by calling, using my contact form or emailing me at [email protected]! I'm looking forward to getting to know you, and planning out our time together.

Let's make your fantasy into reality! Please include any questions you have for me, along with what kind of an experience you're interested in. Can't wait to hear from you soon!


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