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As America’s most successful legal sex worker, I rarely have the time to offer individual one-on-one coaching, education, and mentorship opportunities. During this time of social distancing, I applaud those that choose to invest in themselves and take action to move forward in their journey.

Here’s just a few ideas for our time together:

    Want to spend your time investing in yourself?

    •  Sex, Dating, and Relationship education and coaching is available now through webcam! I’ll tailor a personalized weekly program designed to increase your confidence, and help you overcome perceived limitations. From learning how to bring your partner to orgasm, to improving confidence in the dating scene- we will work together to bring out the very best in you!

    Need assistance with your sex-industry business?

    •  Seeking advice on branding, marketing, and advertising? Interested in collaborating with top-tier influencers? I’m the right person to come to! With my extensive knowledge of marketing, I’ll be able to customize a specific and actionable plan that is optimized for achieving your goals. Let me help you grow!

    • Are you a sex worker or sex industry professional seeking a mentor who’s genuinely found success in the industry to help guide you? As a multifaceted and diversified sex professional, I’m uniquely qualified to teach you the business skills you need to take your career to the next level. Having worked with multiple national and international media outlets, I can help you build a platform for your message, and enable you to find long-lasting success in this industry. 

    Struggling to get along with your significant other during quarantine?

    • It’s perfectly understandable to struggle with communication during this time of crisis. I’d love to act as a mediator, coach, and councilor to help you navigate any challenges you two are facing, and help to rekindle your emotional intimacy. Communication is near and dear to my heart- I would love to help restore balance to your relationships!

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